Christmas Thoughts and Memories

  Wow - this has been an interesting and adventurous year, yes? Let's take a momentary breather for a walk down memory lane this year - just my Christmas thoughts... I wish you much joy this year at Christmas! Of course, I always wish you joy, but this year, that wish seems especially poignant. We're … Continue reading Christmas Thoughts and Memories

Am I The Only One Feeling Anxious?

Is it just me? Am I the only one feeling anxious these days?  I don't think so. There's so much (!) going on in the world. If it's not the - ahem - "adventure" we're living through, it's the economy, it's the holiday season and the car needs new tires.  You name it, we're all … Continue reading Am I The Only One Feeling Anxious?

Kindness and Gratitude

Right now, I'm so aggravated I could spit nails. That's what happens when you have to wait - and wait - and wait on Google. Grrr...I know the best way to get out of this mindset is to be grateful. For something. for me, it's thinking about kindness and gratitude. This "little" blip in … Continue reading Kindness and Gratitude

It’s Not About Aromatherapy

This week, it's not about aromatherapy - it's about shopping small. We're gearing up for the holiday season and this year, more than ever, shopping with small local businesses is important. Immediately going online to shop has become a way of life. I get that. I do it, too because sometimes I have no choice … Continue reading It’s Not About Aromatherapy

Why Is Elderberry So Good For You?

Why is Elderberry so good for you? Elderberry Extract has long been a part of traditional medicine. It supports your immune system, has potent properties to help fight colds and flu and is excellent for heart health.