Physical Symptoms of Stress

Your body is always giving you signals and messages. Particularly about stress. The physical symptoms of stress are warning signs. These signs start out quietly and we don't really sense them. Then, they get louder and we take a pain reliever or have a glass of wine "to wind down". And we're still not connecting … Continue reading Physical Symptoms of Stress

Are You (Well) Adjusted?

Are you well adjusted? Loaded question, eh? A well adjusted spine is what I'm talking about today. Why do you need a well adjusted spine? The biggest reason is that that when your spine is adjusted properly and no nerves are pressing on your vertebrae incorrectly, you tend to be a healthier person. Notice I … Continue reading Are You (Well) Adjusted?

Good Food is Healthcare

Good food is one of life's pleasures. There's just something wonderful and fulfilling about eating a tasty and eye-appealing meal. Somehow, we don't think about the fact that good, clean food is medicine for our bodies. In our hurried and harried lives, we forget that good food is healthcare and doctors are sickcare. As I've … Continue reading Good Food is Healthcare

Cooling Off With Peppermint

As much as I love hot, humid weather, even I get a bit overheated at times. Working out in the yard, playing golf, intense workouts, certain medications and even sitting on the beach all can make you feel hot and tired. Oh, and let's not forget hot flashes. And for some, just thinking about a … Continue reading Cooling Off With Peppermint

Can I Use Essential Oils Around My Pets?

The question of essential oils and pets comes around quite often for me.  It's a question that I'm a tad uncomfortable with because I'm not trained in animal aromatherapy (yes, there is such a thing). I'm trained in aromatherapy for people and during my training, my instructor said that pet aromatherapy was not her area … Continue reading Can I Use Essential Oils Around My Pets?