Getting The Magnesium You Need This Summer

It's only June and we've already hit temperatures near 100 in North Carolina. So, we're all sweating every time we walk out the door. And those of you who work outside - yowza! You're dripping from dawn to dusk! The more you sweat, the more your magnesium levels are depleted and the harder it is on … Continue reading Getting The Magnesium You Need This Summer

What Is A ZYTO Biofeedback Scan?

At every moment, you're receiving messages regarding your wellness in body, mind and spirit. Are you paying attention to these messages? A ZYTO Biofeedback Scan is an excellent tool to learn exactly what your body, mind and spirit needs in terms of support for your optimal health. A hand cradle (shown above) conducts bio-surveys using … Continue reading What Is A ZYTO Biofeedback Scan?

Kindness Matters

It seems like the world has gone mad, doesn't it? Overwhelming as it seems right now, there is still much good in the world. Santa really does exist, helpers are all around us and yes, kindness matters. But we must look for the kindness. Some days, I feel powerless (and anxious) with all the bad … Continue reading Kindness Matters

Managing Your Chronic Stress

Lately, it seems like the collective stress level has exploded. I know I feel it. A number of friends and clients have recently talked about their stress levels and feeling like their nervous system is on overload. Does it feel that way to you? How are you managing your chronic stress? Signs of Chronic Stress Because … Continue reading Managing Your Chronic Stress

Sinus Infection? Aromatherapy Can Help!

Yuck - another pollen season and another sinus infection. Aromatherapy can help! Sinus infections are so miserable, but there is help with aromatherapy to promote proper nasal health. The best thing about pure essential oils is that they're easy to use. The good news is that they don't harm the good bacteria that you need … Continue reading Sinus Infection? Aromatherapy Can Help!