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About, Melissa Curran, Certified Aromagtherapist,

Welcome to Scented Balance Aromatherapy and Healing Arts!

Hello – I’m Melissa, a certified aromatherapist and Reiki Master practitioner with a gift for handcrafting pure essential oil products that promote balance and wellness in your body, mind and spirit.

Tell me what brought you here – are you looking for help managing your chronic pain? Too much stress? Anxiety?

Pure essential oils bring about actual physiological changes to help you manage your health concerns such as chronic pain and stress (as well as the depression and anxiety that chronic issues can bring about).

They are easy and simple to use and can help you relieve stress, ease pain and find a deeper sense of emotional balance.

Going down the rabbit hole searching for information to manage your chronic pain and stress is a huge waste of time (not to mention stressful), so I’ve included links in many product descriptions to related information to give you knowledge.


Because knowledge is power. And I want to help you take back your power to make the most informed choices for your health.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.


Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils to balance your body, mind and spirit to enhance your vitality.

ZYTO Biofeedback Scan

A ZYTO Biofeedback Scan is a quick and non-invasive scan providing information about your overall health and well-being.

The best of my products

At Scented Balance Inc Healing Arts, you’ll find handcrafted holistic Aromatherapy products to serve your body, mind and spirit.

I personally research and handcraft all aromatherapy products using pure essential oils and organic ingredients to help you feel your best naturally.  

Need a special blend just for your unique needs? I’m happy to create a blend for your specific concern.


Chronic Pain

Pure essential oil blends help you manage your chronic pain so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.


Chronic Stress

Reiki eases your chronic and occasional stress providing better sleep hygiene for more vitality. 



Aromatherapy reduces your anxiety, helping you feel calm and serene.


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Aromatherapy & Healing Arts Studio

Scented Balance Inc Healing Arts provides holistic products and services specializing in chronic pain and stress management. 

90 mins

Aromatherapy Consultation

This consultation covers researching any medications you take, the issues you want to address and the essential oils that can help you trigger your body’s innate healing abilities.

Starting From $95
45 mins

Ionizing Detox Foot Spa

Rid your body of toxins, inflammation, yeast, and heavy metals with a relaxing foot spa. Helpful for those who endure chronic pain, brain fog and fatigue.

Starting From $45
50 mins

Reiki Session

Reiki healing sessions are ideal for managing chronic pain, stress relief, general dis-ease, chakra balancing and many other situations. 

Starting From $65
45 mins

ZYTO Biofeedback Scan

This non-invasive and thorough scan tells you the areas where your body, mind and spirit need support. You’ll quickly learn which pure essential oils, supplements and tinctures are right for you.

Starting From $55

How the Healing Arts Can Help You...

When you visit me at the Scented Balance Aromatherapy and Healing Arts studio, you’ll find a comfortable and serene space – a natural extension of the experience you get with handcrafted essential oil products and services. 

The Healing Arts offers complementary products and services that work along side of contemporary Western medicine. It’s not an either/or situation – it’s a holistic approach taking into consideration your unique body, mind and spirit. 

How Aromatherapy Can Help You…

Pure essential oils are powerful tools for your body, mind and spirit. I love helping you reach your health goals and that drives the research I do to create holistic products and services for your unique needs.

Want to know more? Here are some good places to start:

Holistic Services For You...

You’ll find a number of holistic services at Scented Balance Inc Healing Arts. 

ZYTO biofeedback scans give you the information you need to help you make wise healthcare choices; an Ionizing Detox Foot Spa helps you release inflammation, toxins, heavy metals and yeast from your body and Reiki healing sessions are ideal for chronic pain and stress management. 

What Are You Waiting For...

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