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of aromatherapy at Scented Balance. 

essential oils for, essential oil blends, Aromatherapy, healthcare, aromatherapy for migraines, how to use essential oils at home, Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful and can evoke strong memories and emotions. Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils transporting your sense of smell to a deeper level through inhaling, diffusing and topical application.

Each essential oil has its’ own energetic and physical properties to effectively assist your body, mind and spirit in finding balance with concerns such as:

Anxiety  /  Depression  /  Chronic PainArthritis  /  Indigestion  /  Insomnia

Headaches (and Migraines, too)

Stress  /  Menopause  /  Eczema  /  Psoriasis

Dry, Itchy, Cracked Skin

The essential oils and ingredients I use are proven to be pure, unsprayed by pesticides and sustainably sourced. From diabetic and autoimmune skin disorders to anxiety and chronic pain, I carefully research and create products to address concerns that keep you from loving yourself, your life and your skin. #wannalookgoodnaked

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Life. Balance. Aromatherapy.

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