Stress Management For Women

It's been well documented about the disproportionate burden around daily life that women bear especially since life looks so different over the last year or so. And we've all heard about self care and work/life balance - all exceptionally important right now but very hard to make happen. When it comes to stress management for … Continue reading Stress Management For Women

Why Is Elderberry So Good For You?

Why is Elderberry so good for you? Elderberry Extract has long been a part of traditional medicine. It supports your immune system, has potent properties to help fight colds and flu and is excellent for heart health.

Flu Season Natural Remedies

Wow - it seems like summer just began a couple of weeks ago and now we're going into flu season. Already? North Carolina usually sees the first cases of flu in October so I thought I'd share some flu season natural remedies along with some preventative measures - all natural of course! Avoiding The Flu … Continue reading Flu Season Natural Remedies

5 Reasons You Need More Magnesium In The Summer

Goodness, it's hot and we're all sweating (or "glowing" as they say here in the South). When you sweat, your magnesium level can get dangerously low. Here's 5 reasons why you need more magnesium in the summer.  Why Do I Need Magnesium? Your body uses magnesium for over 300 different functions that are crucial to … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need More Magnesium In The Summer

5 Reasons To Use Hemp Everyday

In my last post, I talked about why hemp is helpful for depression. Along with depression, there's other benefits for your daily health, too! Here's 5 reasons to use hemp everyday. Just so you're aware, there's headlines everywhere claiming that hemp can fix a whole lot of health problems. Some of those claims need more … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Use Hemp Everyday