What Can Essential Oils Do For YOU?

Do you know what essential oils can do for you? Honestly, sometimes, the trees get in the way of seeing the forest. I'm such a believer in the power of holistic medicine but I don't think folks take my profession seriously. Used correctly, essential oils are potent and effective medicine for what ails you. Aromatherapy is … Continue reading What Can Essential Oils Do For YOU?

Practical Wellness: 7 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

It's that time of the year again - The flu season has begun all while our other adventure is still in full swing. Now is a good time to take a look at some practical wellness tips that not only are easy, but help you get, be and stay as healthy as possible. It's not … Continue reading Practical Wellness: 7 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

Are You (Well) Adjusted?

Are you well adjusted? Loaded question, eh? A well adjusted spine is what I'm talking about today. Why do you need a well adjusted spine? The biggest reason is that that when your spine is adjusted properly and no nerves are pressing on your vertebrae incorrectly, you tend to be a healthier person. Notice I … Continue reading Are You (Well) Adjusted?

PEMF Magnawave – How It Helps Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is hard to live with. It saps your strength and the joy from life. I work hard at Scented Balance Aromatherapy to provide tools to help you with pain. Whether it's occasional or chronic, there's help through products made with pure essential oils. There's also other alternative methods to help you with pain … Continue reading PEMF Magnawave – How It Helps Chronic Pain

Stress Management For Women

It's been well documented about the disproportionate burden around daily life that women bear especially since life looks so different over the last year or so. And we've all heard about self care and work/life balance - all exceptionally important right now but very hard to make happen. When it comes to stress management for … Continue reading Stress Management For Women