What Can Essential Oils Do For You?

Do you know what essential oils can do for you?

Honestly, sometimes, the trees get in the way of seeing the forest. I’m such a believer in the power of holistic medicine but I don’t think folks take my profession seriously. Used correctly, essential oils are potent and effective medicine for what ails you.

Aromatherapy is considered “alternative” medicine, when in reality, it’s the forerunner of the toxic healthcare we know today.

You see, the use of essential oils, herbs and botannicals has been the basis of holistic medicine for over 5,000 years. Nearly every home had a medicine cabinet as we didn’t have easy access to doctors – or any healthcare for that matter.

Nothing that came from the earth was wasted. Instead, medicine men and women used their intuition to instinctively learn about the plants, trees, flowers and fruits that were easily accessed around them. The wisdom of nature was used help sick people get well.

Nowadays, we watch TV commercials about drugs that we think will fix everything from ingrown toenails to migraines. What we don’t think about is all the damage that these chemicals are doing to our body, mind and spirit.

What Can Essential Oils Do For You?

A few years ago, many of us were in danger of losing health insurance. I wrote a series of blog posts about health concerns that aromatherapy addressed quite well.

In order to earn my aromatherapy certification, I had to perform case studies using pure essential oils to address chronic pain, migraines and headaches, digestive issues, eczema – you know, the everyday concerns that can be hard to manage.

So I wrote about all the blends I created to help you if you can’t go see a doctor: what they’re made from and why/how they help you heal from your health concerns.

Let’s get something out in the open. Your body (and mind) is a superstar when it comes to healing. You just need the right tool(s). As a holistic practitioner, I can’t heal you. But then again, neither can your doctor. All (s)he can do is take a wild guess about what’s wrong and hand you a pill or cream and hope for the best.

So what CAN essential oils do for you?

Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, Natural Arthritis Relief, Best Essential Oils for Arthritis, Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, Join Pain, Swelling, Inflammation, natural remedies for arthritis, joint, inflammation, arthritis natural remedy, arthritis in hands, arthritis, joint pain, Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, cold handsAre you living with arthritis or other chronic pain? The pure essential oils in Flexatoid are analgesics to help you manage the pain. Other oils in Flexatoid help deal with the inflammation which causes pain. When you don’t experience as much pain, life gets a whole lot easier. AND with Flexatoid there’s no chance of any addiction.

Living with eczema or psoriasis is miserable. If you go to the doctor, chances are you’ll be prescribed a cream that contains a certain amount of steroids which mask the symptoms and it seems to go away. But, it doesn’t go away until you fix what’s triggering the broken, inflamed and itchy skin.PsoMaxx Psoriasis and Eczema Salve, eczema treatment, psoriasis and eczema salve, psoriasis relief, eczema relief, PsoMaxx Psoriasis and Eczema Salve

PsoMaxx Balm for Eczema and Psoriasis contains plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils that stop the itching and calm the inflammation without causing brown hairy patches and even more inflammation. 

By the way, steroids are really bad for your liver. They also suppress your immune system.

Peaceful Ease Aromatherapy Rollerball, Anxiety, DepressionWhen it comes to depression, those pills you get from the doctor simply numb you. They don’t address the underlying emotional concerns at the root of depression. Let’s get real for a moment – if you’re clinically depressed to the point of harming yourself, you need a doctor and a therapist.

Depression is real and if you’re experiencing mild symptoms, let’s start with Peaceful Ease Synergy Blend to see how it can help you manage while you get to the root cause. The pure essential oils in this blend promote emotional balance so that you don’t have to start with a pill. And yes, you need to get to the root cause.

Sinus problems are not only annoying, they are costly. Roughly 12 percent of the adult US population suffers with chronic sinus problems, and approximately $8 billion is spent annually on managing the symptoms. If you consider all forms of sinusitis (acute and chronic), it is the number one reason doctors prescribe antibiotics. An overabundance of antibiotics causes your body not to respond to them – and you still have sinus problems! GAH!Sinus Right Personal Nasal Inhaler


Sinus Right Personal Nasal Inhaler is made with pure essential oils that opens up and promotes healthy nasal passages and ensures all the “snotty gunk” comes out instead of causing a sinus infection.

This doesn’t cover every single thing that aromatherapy can help. But it gives you an idea of just how powerful and potent pure essential oils are for your health.

The bottom line of all this is that pure essential oils are nature’s medicine. I went without insurance for a very long time and I managed to take care of many small issues before they turned into big medical problems. And yes, there are times when we really need to see a doctor.

How can I help you today? Reach out through this simple contact form and let’s talk today!

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