Shop Small This Christmas, Let's Shop Small,

Ah, tis the season to shop til we drop. 

Raise your hand if you’re a keyboard shopper…I’ll wait. Don’t be shy – show of hands – how many of you go directly to Amazon to buy things for your Christmas list?

I’m so done with spending my hard earned dollars to support a stingy asshat and his entitled frat boy space expeditions.

Shop Small This Year and Make A Real Difference

I hear people say that buying local is too expensive. No it isn’t!

What’s expensive is thinking there’s free shipping (no such thing), what’s expensive is watching local businesses die off because America has gotten lazy. What’s expensive is the damage to our economy, cities and towns because of greedy billionaires.

Yeah, this isn’t your average aromatherapy post. This, my friends, is an education.

Tired of buying stuff that needs to be dusted? Why not buy experiences or helpful services?

Want family time or corporate team building? Carolyn and Ray at Softgolf at Tanglewood Park offer a fun day of outdoor fun – I love their tagline: “BIG Balls, BIG Clubs, BIG FUN!” Here’s the link to purchase tickets for the upcoming season:

Need your computer fixed or are you stressed because your bookkeeping system is outdated? My friends Kandi and Lori at Computer and Technology Solutions in Winston-Salem can install QuickBooks and help you learn how to use it to streamline your business and they are amazing IT pros. They’ve fixed my broken computer and help me keep my website up and running. Find them here:

Your favorite stressed out parent could probably use an hour in a salt cave to rejuvenate and refresh. Here’s the link to Himalayan Salt Cave in Winston-Salem, NC:

Also wonderful for stress is EFT or Tapping. My friend Cyrus Bush teaches you how to break old habits, wok through grief, reduce stress, feel more powerful and take the edge off of anxiety-laden situations. Here’s his website:

Who do you know (besides me) that wants to skydive? The experience of a lifetime is just 45 minutes away from Winston-Salem. Piedmont Skydiving offers times and packages for all budgets:

Looking for a new ‘do for the holidays? My friend Cynthia Pratt-Miller is an Image Transformation Artist at Hair Bomb in Winston-Salem. She’s amazing at cuts, colors and everything in-between to make you look absolutely fabulous in the new year. Here’s where you can book with Cynthia or purchase a gift card:

Maybe a family cruise is on the table? My friend Ed Dean is the owner of Cruise Planners and he can help you find the vacation of your dreams. Here’s his Facebook link:

Need a new headshot? The amazing Alyson Rorem of Jasper and Fern in Winston-Salem is a wonderful artist who helps your personal brand shine! Here’s her website:

Christmas Thoughts,

Buying gently used is now a big THING! The perfect place for that is Par Les Femmes on Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem. This charming shop supports all the good work at Annie’s Hope Center for Healing and Growing. Here’s the Facebook link:[0]=68.arbah8u…&fref=tag

And as always, Scented Balance Aromatherapy shop has a wonderful array of aromatherapy products and gifts – many under $30. I also offer ZYTO Biofeedback scans, Ionizing Detox Foot Spa and I’m a certified Reiki II practitioner. If you’re not sure, you can get a gift certificate to Scented Balance. You can visit my shop in person (always FREE gift wrap) or shop online at Shop – (

Who is YOUR favorite small local business? Leave a comment and let me know so we can share the love!

Sending you many blessings this holiday season and for the New Year!




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