Physician Heal Thyself, toxic chemicals in my home, sprayed with pesticidesRemember the old adage physician heal thyself? It’s true. As a certified aromatherapist, I am keenly aware of how well the human body heals itself.

I begin my aromatherapy practice in awe of the amazing healing abilities of the human body.

I cannot heal you. Your doctor cannot heal you. Only YOU can heal you. All anyone can do is offer a tool to help you help your body to trigger its’ own healing mechanism.

So then how do you heal?

You won’t believe how easy it is to heal yourself.

You simply give your body what it needs to flourish which is a whole lot easier than you think.

It starts with your immune system. If your immune system is compromised everything is compromised. Simply eating clean foods will go a long way toward building your immunity.

How Does The Body Heal Itself?

The Center for Nutrition Studies has a really good explanation of how your body heals itself:

When the requirements of health are appropriately provided, the self-healing mechanisms of the body attempt to restore and/or optimize health. Your body’s ability to do this is only limited by your inherent constitution (genetics) and the amount of use and abuse that has taken place.

That “abuse” comes in the form of toxic chemicals in our bath and body products, perfumes/colognes, makeup, hair products, insect repellents, sunscreens (they actually cause cancer!), weed killers, tap water, smog and other airborne pollution and – the very worst – the medications that doctors prescribe for their patients every single day.*

The Environmental Working Group ( is a non-profit watchdog group with a huge and reliable database of toxic chemicals and the research to back it up. Here are just a few of the issues:

  • Toxic chemicals are found in the umbilical cord of newborns.
  • The water you drink from the tap is contaminated.
  • The plastic glass you drink from leaches toxins into your system.
  • One of the most insidious chemicals is phthalates used to make a broad range of everyday products. 
  • Vaccinations are full of toxic chemicals.

Anyone at all who dares go up against the medical mafia and chemical giants are quickly “silenced”. At best, these groups use smear tactics to discredit the scientists and at its worst? Who knows?

Holistic physicians are being “silenced” at an alarming rate and I’ll give you three guesses who is behind it. You need to be very aware that if you are healthy, the medical mafia isn’t making any money. And that makes them unhappy. Very. Unhappy. So unhappy that they will do anything to stop the holistic community from exposing them and their horrendously toxic products that keep us sick.

Allopathic VS. Integrative Doctors

To be honest, I’ve had a VERY rough time with doctors telling me nothing is wrong and yet my adrenal system was completely burned out at one point.

The worst part? That doctor told me everything was perfectly normal and I needed to see a psychiatrist for depression. And then, she simply prescribed a mild-anti-depressant without even checking to see what was going on!

Depression was a symptomnot the underlying cause. Allopathic VS. Integrative Doctors

Upon seeing the sixth doctor, I was finally given a saliva test that proved I wasn’t losing my mind – my adrenal system (part of the endocrine system) was totally burned out. My thyroid function was disrupted from the constant lifetime barrage of chemicals which started a whole cascade of health events.

Throw menopause into the mix along with five doctors telling me I was fine that I just needed to “take this little pill” for depression and you have fun and games all over the place!

I’m sure there are good doctors out there who truly care. I believe the folks at Robinhood Integrative Health are very caring and want me to be healthy. If you are looking to make a change in your healthcare, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine is a good place to find a physician in your area who actually wants you to be healthy.

Unfortunately, the medical mafia has infiltrated (and funds) many (if not all) medical schools and teaches future doctors how to prescribe toxic medications that keep you sick. They don’t want to hear about plant-based medicine that is far better for your liver and kidneys (which filter everything you ingest) and better for your overall health.

What Are The Alternatives?

What I want you to take away from this soapbox rant is to think about the alternatives to traditional medicine. Yes – there is a place for allopathic physicians and chemical-based pills. I get that and I’m on board.

BUT, we’ve gotten so far away from using our common sense and the goodness that nature provides to keep us healthy.

Remember – if we are a healthy society, then the medical mafia and chemical giants are not. You can go here to read an interesting article with facts about the concerted effort to keep America unhealthy in order to create jobs – seriously!

I want you to heal yourself. And you can with the right tools. Through the wisdom of nature using aromatherapy, I have a set of tools that can help you trigger your body’s natural healing abilities.*

Where to start toward a more natural lifestyle? Consider reducing your chemical intake by:

I offer a full array of products to help you reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your life. Visit the Scented Balance shop where you’ll find handcrafted artisan products for your everyday concerns.

I would love to talk with you about the simple and effective tools I offer. Please fill out this short contact form and let me know how I can help you – let’s get started today.

Here’s to your health.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for any health issue.

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