Kindness Matters

It seems like the world has gone mad, doesn't it? Overwhelming as it seems right now, there is still much good in the world. Santa really does exist, helpers are all around us and yes, kindness matters. But we must look for the kindness. Some days, I feel powerless (and anxious) with all the bad … Continue reading Kindness Matters

Exciting News at Scented Balance, Inc.!

Wow - is there ever a lot happening around here! There's exciting news at Scented Balance, Inc. with new services added to be even more full service in my shop. I'm not one to let the grass grow under my feet and I appreciate the fine art of learning. So I started a journey - … Continue reading Exciting News at Scented Balance, Inc.!

Let’s Shop Small!

Ah, tis the season to shop til we drop.  Raise your hand if you're a keyboard shopper...I'll wait. Don't be shy - show of hands - how many of you go directly to Amazon to buy things for your Christmas list? I'm so done with spending my hard earned dollars to support a stingy asshat … Continue reading Let’s Shop Small!

Emotional Healing From Domestic Violence

Over the last few weeks, I've been sharing about Annie's Hope Center for Growing and Healing. While it's always good to give back to noble causes, I believe giving back to a cause that speaks to your heart is even better. That's why I support Annie's Hope because the Center will provide a safe place … Continue reading Emotional Healing From Domestic Violence

Christmas Thoughts and Memories

  Wow - this has been an interesting and adventurous year, yes? Let's take a momentary breather for a walk down memory lane this year - just my Christmas thoughts... I wish you much joy this year at Christmas! Of course, I always wish you joy, but this year, that wish seems especially poignant. We're … Continue reading Christmas Thoughts and Memories