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Wow – this has been an interesting and adventurous year, yes? Let’s take a momentary breather for a walk down memory lane this year – just my Christmas thoughts…

I wish you much joy this year at Christmas! Of course, I always wish you joy, but this year, that wish seems especially poignant.

We’re all overtired, mentally stressed and ready to ditch the mask and get on with life. Stay strong – we’re getting closer, so let’s mask up, wash our hands even more and stay acceptably distanced from one another for just a little while longer.

(That last part is hard – I haven’t seen my grandkids for nearly a year. Having a zoom hangout just isn’t the same!)

What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

Christmas Thoughts, What better way to create a wonderful memory at the Scented Balance Aromatherapy shop this Christmas than to invite Santa to stop in? It was fun and added some levity to the moment especially when you know that Santa didn’t have his boots on!

One of my favorite memories is from my childhood. I grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area and downtown St. Louis had several huge department stores with window displays that were amazing!

The windows had beautiful lights, pretty decorations and some part of the display was animated to catch your eye. And of course, you had to visit the infamous department store Santa.

When I was 5 years old, my grandmother took just me (just me!) and we rode the bus to downtown St. Louis to see the windows and visit with Santa. Yes, I got to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas. Since it’s been quite a few years (snort) I really can’t remember if that wish came true, but I do remember spending the whole day with my grandmother and feeling happy and safe.

I’m grateful that I got to have presents under the tree. And every single year, my siblings and I got a “tree present”. It was always a sweet little gift that fit into the branches of the tree. Things like a little necklace or a roll of dimes – I loved the dimes because I could spend them at the confectionary on my way home from school.

I still carry on the tree present tradition – it’s fun to find a sweet little something in the branches of the tree!

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

This year, I hope Christmas will be filled with joy and wonder for you. It may look different than in past years, but new traditions are good, too.

Each one of you who have visited me at my shop have created wonderful memories for me. Thank you for supporting my “smell” business and for your loyalty and kindness; I’m grateful to work at something that I dearly love and to share it with you. I hope that somehow, I’ve brought some joy to your life and wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!



P.S. Thank you all for taking the time to shop at small local businesses. You make a huge difference in our lives!

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