Magic, Dreams and Mayhem

Ah, yes. Magic, dreams and mayhem. Sometimes, it all happens at once and boy howdy, we’re having fun! Scented Balance, Inc. Aromatherapy Shop has moved to new BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL digs in Kernersville, North Carolina! Exciting stuff, especially when I think of where I began. In my basement. Struggling to get the word out about holistic aromatherapy. […]

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Signs from the Universe – Don’t Give Up

  Do you feel like there’s some really strange energy floating around? Have you felt “off” lately? It’s been a strange few weeks for me, so if you’re feeling anything like this, you’re not alone! Just when I feel like I’ve had enough, I get signs from the universe – don’t give up. What’s Going

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It’s National Small Business Week

May 5 – 11, 2019 is National Small Business Week – and that’s cause for celebration! This week, in honor of National Small Business Week, I’m celebrating the new location of Scented Balance at the Ramey Dawn Wellness Group! My new studio is located at 108 South Main Street in Kernersville, North Carolina. Scented Balance

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Are We Teaching Our Girls To Shine?

Woohoo! It’s Women’s History Month which is awesome! It shines a light on the accomplishments of some amazing women from all walks of life who might otherwise simply be a footnote in history. With that said, are we teaching our girls to shine or shrink? I’m frustrated by the double standard that women still endure.

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