Never Give Up, stay strong, shine your light brightly

We’ve all heard those words – never give up. And yet, when you know you’ve taken all you can and then some, it’s hard to keep going.

How do you keep going when your last ounce of energy is gone? What’s the next right step when all you can see is darkness? When the storms of life hit you like a punch in the gut, what’s next?

I wish I had pearls of wisdom for you about moving forward and being tougher than your problems – and yet, they seem like such empty words that only make you feel worse about what you’re going through.

It is indeed true that we learn from hardship more so than ease. (Seriously, I’d like to try learning from ease – just once.)

When The Weariness Takes Over

I want to be the person in your life who lifts you up and helps you to see your amazing strength. When life intervenes (as it does) I want you to know this: 


Yes, it feels like we’re (I’m) alone sometimes. 

I’m here to shine a light – however small – in a dark world. I choose kindness, compassion and empathy because I believe it’s in short supply. To be honest, there are some days where I don’t know if anyone out there knows I exist. That’s an exaggeration, but it really feels that way sometimes.

Am I the only one or do you feel that way, too?

Deep down in my soul, I believe I’m here to shine a light brightly and I use aromatherapy as the catalyst. Oh, and a twisted, warped sense of humor. (Many times at my own expense.)

Never Give Up

In my cyber travels, I came across this inspirational story from the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Athletes of this caliber train a lifetime for a shot at Olympic glory. Most of us can’t even imagine how hard or lonely it is to train day after day – for just one shot.

And then – the unimaginable happens.

My heart ached watching this video because Derek Redmond worked so hard to reach the Olympic games. He didn’t give up though. He kept going; determined to finish the race come hell or high water. His father ran onto the track to help him finish the race.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Nearly thirty years later, Derek Redmond is an in-demand motivational speaker and brand ambassador around the world. Had he laid on the track and given up, he would be a mere footnote in history.

He didn’t give up.

He kept going even when everything was against him.

He had help getting to the finish line – but he crossed it and his life changed forever.

A Blend To Help You Keep Going

I love this particular blend of essential oils to help me through those times when I feel like I just can’t take any more.

Motivational Blend

  • 6 drops Neroli Petitgrain Co-Distill
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 4 drops Sweet Orange 
  • 4 drops Rosemary
  • 4 drops Palo Santo
  • 2 ounces Unscented Lotion OR Jojoba Wax
  • 2 ounce Glass Bottle with Treatment Pump

Blend all the oils together and add the lotion OR the jojoba wax – either one works very well. Shake well and use three or four times daily. If you want this blend, it’s $24.95 plus tax and shipping. Just send an email to me or a Facebook Instant Message and I’ll take it from there.

It’s okay to struggle. And it’s even okay-er to ask for help (more okay?)! Please know that I hold space for each of you and shine my light to brighten your darkness.

There’s a lot of sadness and dark energy floating around – please take a moment to share this post on your favorite social media platform. That’s what I want for today – for you to share this post. We need as much light as possible.

Thank you.




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