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As we get older, our bodies go through physiological changes and, if you’re like me, you may not see the brighter side of those changes.

As in you can’t remember half the stuff you’re supposed to.

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we “don’t need to write that down – I’ll remember that.”


The human brain is incredibly complicated and scientists haven’t even begun to touch the depth and range. We’re one of the only mammals who can remember the past, think into the future and learn something new every day. Without our memory and finely tuned ability to learn, we’re pretty much dead.

Literally and figuratively.

So if you’re feeling more forgetful lately, not surprisingly, your medication might be the culprit.

What Does Medication Have To Do With Forgetfulness?

Over the counter and prescribed medications are the most common culprits behind foggy brain and forgetfulness (and a whole slew of other stuff, too).

And you’re going to be shocked at which ones are the worst.

  • Antibiotics – This ridiculously over-prescribed medication kills off both good and bad bacteria. Seratonin lives in your gut and affects your memory. Antibiotics kill off the seratonin (and everything else in its path) which directly affects your brain.
  • Antihistimines (!!) are probably the most commonly taken OTC medications and while you may feel better in the short run, in the long run, you won’t remember that you feel better. Why? They change your brain function by slowing production of acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter for learning and memory. This decrease in acetylcholine is known to cause dementia, memory loss, hallucinations, blurred vision, confusion, and delirium.
  • Statins – Another over-prescribed drug used for high cholesterol. It’s well documented that statins affect your memory and are highly ineffective at reducing the risk of heart attack in certain populations. They also cause a boatload of nasty side effects including being linked to cancer.
  • Depression and Anxiety Medications – It astounds me that doctors automatically throw these pills at you at the mere mention of the “blues” or “feeling anxious”. The next time you’re handed a prescription for either of these medications, read the side effects. I’ll bet forgetfulness (and other cognitive impairments) is a side effect.
  • Sleeping Pills – The sleep aids (either over the counter or prescribed) affect key parts of your brain including those responsible for learning and memory. Your foggy thinking and forgetfulness are just two major side effects of these pills.

What’s The Alternative?

This is where natural medicine really shines and makes perfect sense. What if there’s healthy alternatives to taking pills with horrendous side effects? Think about these alternatives:

There are sensible, simple and effective alternatives to taking yet another pill. Those who’ve been in my amazing Scented Balance community for any length of time know how frustrated I am at the medical mafia for throwing pills after pills for the most minor thing.

My mission is to educate you on the benefits of natural remedies for common health concerns. This is one reason why I read and research constantly.

Information is power and I make sure the information you find on this website is honest. Yes, it’s general in nature but I offer links to other sites where you can get even more in-depth information to empower your healthcare journey.

I want you to know you have holistic alternatives to toxic pills.

Let’s talk about how you can help yourself in the most positive way possible to get, stay and be healthy – naturally. Fill out this contact form and let’s talk today.

Thank you for stopping by – many blessings!



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