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Ah, yes. Magic, dreams and mayhem. Sometimes, it all happens at once and boy howdy, we’re having fun!

Scented Balance, Inc. Aromatherapy Shop has moved to new BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL digs in Kernersville, North Carolina! Exciting stuff, especially when I think of where I began.

In my basement. Struggling to get the word out about holistic aromatherapy.

And just like a lucky penny, I keep showing up for you in my awesome aromatherapy shop and at events all around the Piedmont Triad.

Yes. I’ve come a LONG way!

I got most everything in place this past weekend and while it’s still a work in progress, it already feels like home.

Scented Balance is part of the Ramey Dawn Wellness Spa and we’re all moving to this new space. Some physical adjustments are happening as we speak to ensure each practitioner has the right space – including Scented Balance.

It’s all good and I’m so happy with how all of this has unfolded. The new space is beautiful, light, airy and offers so much more as a group of holistic practitioners than we did before in our old space. In the next few weeks, you’ll find additional services:

    • Holistic Nail Technician
    • Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Massage Therapist
    • LED Light Pain Management

Of course, I’m one of the holistic practitioners along with Darrell Brooks, our skin care therapist; Jason Trakas, our acupuncturist and Jessica Jones, our health and life coach. Patti Manuel will be moving into our space and she helps you with the pain management as well as laser-like liposuction.

All under one roof!

Make a day out of pampering yourself with a massage, facial, mani/pedi, manage your weight and enhance your entire quality of life with holistic aromatherapy.

Thursday, November 21st marks the very first event in the new Scented Balance aromatherapy shop – come get your awesome Fairy Hair from a real certified fairy and let’s celebrate the magic, dreams and mayhem together!

I’m grateful for this next step in my aromatherapy (and life) journey and I’m so happy you’ve chosen to come along for the ride. In the coming months, I’ll have more events, new products and surprises along the way including expanded shop hours.

Let’s talk today about how aromatherapy can make a real difference in your life – you can use this contact form, call or email – I can’t wait to talk with you! Come smell us!



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