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Well, it’s here. The madness of the holiday season. Is it just me, or is all the advertising for stuff we can’t live without relentless this year? It’s time to think outside your browser.

I’m going to ask very bluntly:


I know you’re incredibly busy. I know you’re out of time. And yes, I know you don’t want to get in the car and shop local because it’s a royal pain in the ass.


Have we become so impatient and lazy that we have to do everything online now? (Oh, the humanity…)

Just how much money do you want Jeff Bezos to have in his bank account? You do realize that’s where it goes, right?


I’m not asking you to completely change your habits. I’m simply asking on behalf of all hard-working mom and pop shops to please give us a chance to show you that our shops have what you need.

It’s the small shops that keep our communities charming and unique and a fun place to live. I certainly won’t bore you with statistics about your dollars staying local (I know you could care less).

I would rather show you the human side of holiday spending. Each time you shop at a small business, we’re grateful, proud and relieved all at the same time. And we’re doing our happy dance because we love our local customers!

Some small businesses, like Scented Balance, have online shops, too. So if you really insist on online shopping, go to their website. It still makes a difference!

Not sure where to begin? Lemme help ya here:

  • At the Scented Balance Aromatherapy Shop, you can make your own scented bath salts (great for mom!); there’s organic tea, soaps, Himalayan Salt night lights, temporary tattoos and of course aromatherapy products that are pure and ready for gift giving (and a whole lot more). Why not give the gift of good health this year?
  • Mary’s Gourmet Diner is located in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They are a local landmark, have amazing food and a gift certificate would be perfect for grandparents or parents. You could all go out to dinner together!
  • Seamless Living, NC is owned by Beth Blair, a gifted artist. Her paintings are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. That’s the gift that keeps on giving! Beth will give you a gift certificate so your recipient can pick out his or her painting according to their taste.
  • Jasper & Fern is owned by photographer Alyson Rorem and offers so much more! This unique mixed use photography studio offers hair and makeup, massage and yoga classes. Alyson is a gifted photographer who brings your inner beauty to life – perfect for a young professional. Again, a gift certificate is perfect!
  • I am part of the Ramey Dawn Wellness Spa in Kernersville, North Carolina. We have a wide array of practitioners and offer gift certificates for each one. You’ll find aromatherapy (that’s me), facials and skin care, massage therapy, mani/pedi’s, LED light therapy, laser-like liposuction, acupuncture and life/health coaching. All under one roof!
  • Rock Box Climbing Gym is perfect for the kids on your list. Instead of more stuff, you’re spending quality time with the kids in your life for a fun experience AND it gets them to put the smart phone away for a few minutes.
  • 3 Pooches Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is a great gift idea for someone who could use a hand taking care of their fur baby. A great idea for someone who’s going on vacation or just plain frazzled and need a hand with Fido.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Wherever you live, you can find a local restaurant, shop, boutique, photographer, day spa, artist, dogwalker – you name it! Instead of “stuff”, why not give an experience?

All of these gifts help you think outside your browser!

Plus – the best part is, you get to see your own town while you shop. Open your eyes and look at your charming town with fresh eyes – you’ll be amazed at what you find!

I would love to know where you’re shopping local this year – leave a comment below and PLEASE share this post on your favorite social media platform!

On behalf of small business owners everywhere, thank you for shopping small and shopping local – your support means the world to us!



P. S. Free shipping IS NOT FREE. Just sayin…

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