Kindness matters, anxiety is spiking, aromatherapy for anxiety

It seems like the world has gone mad, doesn’t it?

Overwhelming as it seems right now, there is still much good in the world. Santa really does exist, helpers are all around us and yes, kindness matters.

But we must look for the kindness. Some days, I feel powerless (and anxious) with all the bad news screaming at me from my phone, TV and computer. Yet, I know kindness is all around me.

Kindness Is Everywhere

Long time readers may remember that I’ve struggled in my relationship with my mother. It’s been tough – really tough – many times through the years. 

And as I grow and evolve in my personal life and business life, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about how I relate to her and others. Not that I just learned about being kind to those around me, but it’s taken on a deeper meaning as my mother ages.

She’s in a nursing home now and I know she’s struggling with this arrangement. In my viewpoint, she feels angry and abandoned. 

I would be, too if I were in that position (and I might very well be some day). While none of us can change this situation, one thought has been running through my mind over the last couple of years about her.

She has become an old woman and I will be old someday, too. What do I want as an old woman?


So if I want to be treated kindly down the road, then it’s important to treat her kindly now. Not just her, but everyone I come in contact with. Karma can be a bitch and I know what I put out I will get back in spades. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. I just know that life is better when you spread kindness.

Every single one of us is fighting a battle that no one knows about. We’re all carrying baggage that no one can see and it is hard.

As I get older, I understand that being gentle doesn’t mean being weak. It simply means having compassion and empathy for everyone we meet.

My heart just feels heavy this week with all that’s going on in the world – in our own backyard and across the “pond”. I’m using two products in particular that help me handle all that’s coming at me:

Emotional Healing Synergy Blend, Essential Oils for Emotional healing, release old trauma, release old wounds, emotional wellbeingEmotional Healing Synergy Blend. All that baggage gets heavy and sooner or later, ya just gotta lay it down. This little rollerball bottle is crammed full of pure essential oils that help you work through trauma, loss and upheaval.

To share some kindness in the world, for each Emotional Healing rollerball that is purchased, one goes to a survivor of domestic violence at Annie’s Hope Center.

anxiety ease rollerball, anxiety and panic attacksAnxiety Ease Synergy Blend. I’ve noticed lately that my shoulders seem to be up around my ears and it’s hard to relax and take a breath when you feel so stressed. Anxiety Ease helps to calm the panicky feeling so that you don’t feel so “on the edge”.

People remember how you made them feel and I choose to spread a little kindness and sunshine wherever I go. Thank you for your kindness in visiting today – I appreciate you very much and I hope I’ve spread some sunshine in your world.



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