5 Odd Symptoms of Sinus Problems

It's that time of year! Seasonal allergies are rampant in the spring and you already know the common culprits. You may not have connected the dots on some other ways you feel lousy. Here's 5 odd symptoms of sinus problems. Why Do I Have Sinus Problems? Here's how Healthfully.com explains sinuses in (almost) plain English: … Continue reading 5 Odd Symptoms of Sinus Problems

Another Day – Another Adventure

Don't you love the saying "Another Day - Another Adventure"? It just sounds like so much fun! Well, I can't stand it any longer and I just have to tell you about my new adventure! I've been invited to join the Ramey Dawn Wellness Center in Kernersville, North Carolina! Yasss - now ain't that some … Continue reading Another Day – Another Adventure

Talking About The Difficult Stuff In Life

When you talk about the difficult stuff in life, you shed light on it and take away its' power. Melody Morris is here to talk about Owning Your Muchness!emot

Using Essential Oils for Immunity

It's that time of the year where the germs are flying around EVERYWHERE! Using essential oils for immunity will absolutely give you a leg up on all those sneezing and wheezing folks out there spreading their joy. Why do we get sick more in the winter vs. the summer? There's several reasons. Shorter days mean … Continue reading Using Essential Oils for Immunity

How To Use Essential Oils for Stress During The Holidays

Don't let stress interfere with your holidays - here's how to use essential oils for stress during the holidays. It's easy, fast and simple!