Dry Skin and Diabetes, daily skin care for diabetics, skin care products for diabetics,Today, I’m going back to dry skin and diabetes to talk a bit more about it in-depth. I touched on the subject in this post back in January when dry winter weather wreaks havoc on skin – especially dry skin.

But I want to revisit dry skin because if you have diabetes, you know there’s a whole slew of products that claim to help. It can be very confusing to figure out which one is right for you.

Commercial skin care products for diabetic skin issues help a little bit in the short term, but in the long run, many of these products make your skin worse because of all the chemicals.

When your glucose levels are above normal (and you may not realize it yet), it affects every part of your body including your skin. Actually, your skin is the largest organ you have.

The American Diabetes Association says that dry skin could be the first sign that you have diabetes. They’re also saying that as many as 1/3 of all diabetics will deal with a skin condition at some point in their lives.

The easiest way to keep your skin moisturized on a daily basis is to use a deep hydration body cream. Scented Balance Nakedly Natural Deep Hydration Body Butter is created with organic ingredients such as shea, mango, sal and  kokum butters along with avocado oil. Each of these ingredients are proven to nourish dry, parched and itchy skin making it an effective skin cream for diabetics.

When you scratch dry, itchy skin you take a chance of creating very small openings in your skin which could lead to infection. By the way, you should not put body creams in between your toes – that could invite fungus which may cause trouble for your skin.

If the skin on your heels is cracked, then take the moisture one step further with PsoMaxx Salve for Psoriasis and Eczema. Even though PsoMaxx is made for psoriasis and eczema, it works on the cracks in your heels for any skin type.

I know we are getting into the warmer and more humid time of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can ease off of your skin care when you’re diabetic. Even though the humidity is higher, your skin still dries out. You sweat more in the spring and summer and when you sweat, you lose moisture.

All of the Scented Balance Body Butters are very lightweight to absorb quickly and to really nourish and hydrate your skin instead of stripping it of all it’s natural oils like most commercial moisturizers tend to do. 

Daily Skin Care for Diabetics

The American Diabetes Association has a lot of information to help you keep your skin healthy. Be selective about your skin care products – they make the difference between skin that stays healthy or skin that constantly gives you problems. skin care for diabetics, natural skin care, deep hydration body cream

For daily skin care, they recommend the following:

  • Avoid very hot baths and showers. If your skin is dry, don’t use bubble baths. Moisturizing soaps may help. Afterward, use a standard skin lotion, but don’t put lotions between toes. The extra moisture there can encourage fungus to grow.
  • Prevent dry skin. Scratching dry or itchy skin can open it up and allow infection to set in. Moisturize your skin to prevent chapping, especially in cold or windy weather.
  • Treat cuts right away. Wash minor cuts with soap and water. Only use an antibiotic cream or ointment if your doctor says it’s okay. Cover minor cuts with sterile gauze. See a doctor right away if you get a major cut, burn, or infection.
  • Use mild shampoos.
  • Do not use feminine hygiene sprays.
  • See a dermatologist (skin doctor) about skin problems if you’re not able to solve them yourself. Take good care of your feet. Check them every day for sores and cuts. Wear broad, flat shoes that fit well. Check your shoes for foreign objects before putting them on.

Plain Castile soap is a good choice for dry, itchy skin as it does not strip your skin of its’ natural oils. If you prefer a bar soap, Unscented Soap for Eczema and Psoriasis is an excellent choice.

Aromatherapy is ideal for managing your dry skin even if you don’t have diabetes. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and you do wanna look good naked – right? #wannalookgoodnaked

Simply changing the type of products you use can make a huge difference in helping your skin to stay healthy. Helping people take care of their skin is one of the reasons I created Scented Balance so how can I help you with your skin issues today?

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