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Howdy and welcome! My name is Melissa Curran and I created Scented Balance with a simple mission:

To give you a viable alternative to the toxic and deadly products you use everyday.

You’ll find honest information about alternative and complementary forms of healthcare throughout this website to help you with everyday concerns before they become full blown issues.

Why? Because, chances are great that healthcare – as we know it – will go away.

Then what?

If you’re one of over 8 million people with chronic skin disorders due to diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and temporarily due to cancer treatments, then this website is for you. Through the wisdom of nature, aromatherapy effectively and easily addresses your skin issues.

This website is also for you if you know you’re stuck in a rut in your life that you just can’t seem to get out of. That’s where holistic life coaching comes in as a simple and effective way to move to the other side of the stuck place.

Through the amazing combination of aromatherapy and holistic life coaching, I’ll take you on a journey to help you help yourself.

What will you get out of this website?

Since you’re here, then you’re looking for ways to take good care of your precious health especially if you don’t have regular access to healthcare. When you read a Scented Balance blog post or product description, you’re reading honest information about issues related to your well-being. Even if you don’t have the particular issue discussed that week, chances are you know someone who does. About Melissa,

I write about areas of concern where the art and science of aromatherapy (along with holistic life coaching)  creates an ideal environment for you to take control of your wellness without taking a pill.

Then, I write about alternative modes such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and other therapies with the help of a specialist in that field. I want you to have solid, honest information that you can count on to help you be aware and informed about what’s out there.

This is Why

I’m a certified aromatherapist and holistic life coach trained by two of the best in their respective fields. Through intentionally educating myself in ways to protect my own precious health, I learned how aromatherapy and holistic life coaching can be of great use as additional alternatives to the healthcare system we have today.

Let's Calm Down With LavenderFrom Andrea Butje at Aromahead Institute, I learned how to hone my own unique approach to aromatherapy. Andrea taught me chemistry, anatomy and physiology and how pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils benefit the body, mind and spirit. From there, I learned my gift is to focus not only on the physical – and scientific – qualities of the oils but to look beyond your concerns and serve your emotional needs as well.

Through Annie Mascelli at Your Spirited Life, I learned deep listening and an even greater compassion for those who are stuck in every area of life. Annie taught me to use my knowledge and awareness as a tool for growth, not as a weapon for what might have been. In class after class, I learned that everything is connected – body, mind and spirit and when I look for the root cause and not just the symptoms, everything falls into place. I learned to hone my gift of empathy which helps me serve those who were sexually abused as children and never had a healthy way to process what they endured.

These two beautiful souls showed me the gifts that were already there and gave me training – and a platform – to shine my light.

What Started This Whole Journey?

Initially, I created Scented Balance as a way to cut down on all the chemicals that I put on my face and body; to help heal a damaged thyroid and as a way to preserve my precious health. Those who know me best know my love for the ocean and my dream to open a charming boutique there. So, what began as a charming boutique by the sea has now shown up as my gift and calling in aromatherapy and holistic life coaching. I plan to take my gifts to the ocean in the near future. Ah, sweet serendipity! :) Melissa Curran. certified aromatherapist, holistic life coach

Along with my love of the ocean, I also appreciate an awesome glass of wine, the beautiful flowers in my container gardens and smacking the snot out of a golf ball. No particular order, just depends on the day. For the moment, I am based in Winston-Salem, NC but my real dream is to live in Savannah, GA or even better Tybee Island, GA – I absolutely LOVE this beautiful area! So, if you hear of any opportunities that fit my skills, give me a shout – okay?

We each have special gifts to bring to the world and my mission is to help you shine your light as brightly as possible. You absolutely deserve love, respect and the amazing life of your choice. I have awesome tools to help you get to the other side where your light is shining.

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Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate you very much and look forward to working with you!