About Melissa

I absolutely love essential oils. Love ’em. I wear a handful of my own products. Every. Single. Day.

Melissa Curran, Certified Aromagtherapist,

The best part? People hug my neck and tell me how wonderful I smell. (Come Smell Us is my tagline.) :)   

My name is Melissa Curran and I created Scented Balance with a simple mission:


To help you get, be and stay healthier with pure essential oils 

– oh, and to make life smell better.

I’m all about honesty and integrity. It makes me crazy to hear about people who push essentials oils as miracle cures.

They’re not.

There is no miracle cure for any health condition at all. Period. Just sayin… 

At Scented Balance, you’ll find honest information about alternative and complementary forms of healthcare throughout my website to help you with everyday concerns before they become full blown issues.

When you get ahead of life’s everyday wellness issues, you keep them from getting out of hand – needlessly.

What’s Here For You?

Since you’re here, then you’re looking for ways to take good care of your precious health especially if you don’t have regular access to healthcare (not all of us do).

Tired of spending money on drug store stuff that doesn’t work for your eczema, indigestion or anxiety?

You’ve got to know the prescriptions that you get from your doctor are full of toxic chemicals. You take them but you don’t feel as good as you used to.

Have you connected the dots yet?

Honestly, Western medicine has let us down. I believe using nature’s medicine makes us all stronger in body, mind and spirit.

In the aromatherapy shop, you’ll find carefully handcrafted products that help you with a range of concerns and emotions. I’ve personally researched each pure essential oils and every ingredient to ensure they’ll do the most good for you.

When you read a Scented Balance blog post or product description, you’re reading honest information about issues related to your well-being. Even if you don’t have the particular issue discussed that week, chances are you know someone who does. About Melissa,

Along with aromatherapy, you’ll find solid information about other alternative modes such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology and other therapies. You need the truth (even when it isn’t pretty) so you’re aware and informed of what’s out there to help you make sound healthcare choices.

Why I’m An Aromatherapist

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around especially about using pure essential oils and their benefits. And there may be some alternative options to Western medicine that you don’t know about but could help you on your healthcare journey. I aim to do my part to change all that.  Let's Calm Down With Lavender

One way to challenge toxic medicine is by making easy-to-use and affordable products that actually enhance your health instead of causing more problems and nasty side effects.

I want you to be empowered about your health, not frustrated and lost (I’ve been there). I believe in the power of aromatherapy to transform your life.

Enduring a long and frustrating medical fiasco led me on a journey to find an alternative. That journey led me to pure essential oils. I understand their power as natural medicine so I kept learning, ultimately earning my certification.

I’m a certified aromatherapist trained by one of the best in the field where I honed my own unique approach. Through intentionally educating myself in ways to protect my own precious health, I learned how aromatherapy is ideal as an alternative to the expensive and broken healthcare system we have today.

My gift is to focus not only on the physical – and scientific – qualities of pure essential oils but to look beyond your concerns and serve your emotional needs as well.

Initially, I looked for a viable way to cut down on all the chemicals that I put on my face and body; to help heal my damaged thyroid, heal my burned out adrenal system and to preserve my precious health.

From there, it grew to be Scented Balance, Inc. Aromatherapy, a place to share all the information I learned so that you wouldn’t have to go through what I did to get and stay healthy.

Fun Facts About Me

Those who know me best (my beautiful tribe) know my love for the ocean and digging in the dirt. :0) Melissa Curran. certified aromatherapist, holistic life coach

Along with that love of the ocean, I also appreciate a good glass of wine, the beautiful flowers in my container gardens and smacking the snot out of a golf ball. No particular order, just depends on the day. Oh – and coffee is the elixir of the gods – just sayin’.

I’m blessed with an adult son, beautiful daughter-in-law and four awesome grandchildren. Won’t bore you with a bunch of details about them; suffice it to say they’re a joy in my life. As little kids, my grandchildren knew I came to PLAY with them – I’ve taught them to play golf so that we’ll have something in common when we all get older. Smart, eh?

We each have special gifts to bring to the world and my mission is to help you shine your light as brightly as possible.

You absolutely deserve to live the amazing life of your choice and I believe aromatherapy is a powerful tool to help you.

Before you go, I invite you to join my community. 

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Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate you very much and look forward to working with you – Come Smell Us!