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I do believe I’m the only one in my world who absolutely loves the heat. And humidity. 

Ho boy. Seems like the hot weather is making us hot under the collar. Okay, I don’t think it’s just the hot weather causing all the feels, but I’m trying to be optimistic here. In just the last 10 days, I’ve had 5 different people ask me about a blend for feeling annoyed and aggravated. (One even mentioned a punch in the throat…yeesh) So, add in me into the mix and you have 6 people who need to cool off.

Literally and figuratively.

Most of us can handle the stress of life. But, for all of us, some days it’s too much and you’re ready to explode.

The heat of summer and the heat of the moment can all be too much. 

Sound familiar?

What’s Behind The Heat?

Goodness, I could say a million things right now as to why we’re all feeling hot under the collar.

World events notwithstanding, in my life coach training I learned that anger is not necessarily the real emotion. The root emotion could be fear, anxiety, hunger, exhaustion, feeling like you can’t control what’s happening around you (hint: you can’t), more on your plate than you can handle, feeling like you can’t say no – it’s any number of things.

Shit gets real, the stress stacks up and you want to scream.

One of my personal triggers is when “things” (things = plans) don’t move along as fast as I think they should.

Or it could be as simple as it’s 95 degrees and 80% humidity. Which makes a lot of folks cranky.

How Aromatherapy Can Help With Your Heat

Aromatherapy is amazing as it’s a wonderful tool to help your body, mind and spirit find balance. And when you find balance – or at the very least, relief – you feel calmer and less stressed.

One of my clients came to me a while back and told me she’s the lone female in a crew of men. And she’s the boss. And they don’t necessarily listen to her which is a little simplistic, but you get the idea. And that makes her mad.

White. Hot. Mad.

Bitch Away Aromatherapy Rollerball, hot temper. menopause emotions, anger managementSo I created Bitch Away Synergy Blend in a rollerball to help her with the heat. It’s made up of pure essential oils that help you release the anger, feel physically and emotionally cooler and calm the heat – fast. 

Each time I use it, I feel myself settling down and feeling calmer in short order.

So now I just use it every day. I roll it on my heart area, behind my ears and on my wrists – I mean I ROLL IT ON BIG TIME!

The other heat – the 99 in the shade heat? Well, I have something for that, too.

Skeeter-Off Bug Repellent is full of cooling pure essential oils and ingredients that will cool you on contact. If you’re outside and feel yourself getting too hot, spray Skeeter-Off on your neck and chest as well as the back of your neck, too. All you golfers and hikers will get a double whammy as the flying critters don’t like it.

skeeter off mosquito repellent, cool off when it's hot

A little fun fact for you: Skeeter-Off Bug Repellent for Kids provides a double whammy, too. If they’re wound up j-u-u-s-t a bit too much, spray it on them and they’ll kinda calm down but they won’t know why. I’ll never tell! :)

So, to help yourself cool the heat, don’t forget to take a deep breath and let aromatherapy help you cool off when it’s hot.

Y’all are awesome – thank you for visiting today!




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