Using Essential Oils For Chronic Pain,

Chronic pain is a real thing. A real big thing.

You can only take so many pills in one day and sometimes, the pain is still there. Have you thought about using essential oils blends for chronic pain?

One of the services at Scented Balance is helping you manage your chronic pain with seven different blends of pure essential oils.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is considered any pain that last longer than 3 months to 6 months after the initial onset. It could be caused by arthritis, cancer or any number of health concerns. It’s invisible but real and sometimes, not only the pain but the emotional distress that it causes can be debilitating.

How Do Essential Oils Work With Pain?

All pure essential oils have physical properties such as being analgesic, anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory. And all pain has two things in common: it hurts (duh) and inflammation.

In doing research for pain blends, I look for oils that are antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory. While there are many other beneficial properties to the oils (both energetically and physically), these are the main properties that address chronic pain.

Antinociceptive means blocking the sensation of pain.

Anti-inflammatory refers to the ability to help fight pain and unwanted or abnormal immune system reactions by reducing inflammation.

When inflammation gets to the chronic stage, it wears on your immune system which makes you more susceptible to illness. 

But I don’t stop there. When you have chronic pain for any length of time, usually depression and anxiety can accompany it. When creating these blends, I don’t stop at just one or two oils; I also consider the emotional distress and add in other oils to address these issues as well.

Combining several oils that have the antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties means that the blend has extra “oomph”.

The next thing I consider is how does it smell? The better the blend smells, the more apt you are to actually use it on a daily basis to help you manage your pain.

This is a very simplified explanation of how pure essential oils to help you manage chronic pain. I don’t pretend to be a doctor, so I prefer to keep it simple in layman’s terms.

Different Blends For Different Pain

Here are a few of the blends for pain:

Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, Natural Arthritis Relief, Best Essential Oils for Arthritis, Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, Join Pain, Swelling, Inflammation, natural remedies for arthritis, joint, inflammation, arthritis natural remedy, arthritis in hands, arthritis, joint pain, Flexatoid Rheumatoid Arthritis Cream, cold handsFlexatoid Lotion for Rheumatoid Arthritis. This blend is warming and is especially good for cold, damp conditions. Ideal for many types of pain.

TendAid Blend for Tendons and Ligaments, Natural pain relief, essential oils for damaged tendo, nsTendAid Blend for Tendons and Ligaments. This is a good blend to help promote circulation as tendons and ligaments tend to take longer to heal.

manage chronic pain, natural pain management, topical analgesic, PainGenix Fast Acting Natural Pain BalmPainGenix Blend. This blend was created to help a client with permanent nerve damage in her hands. 

Magnesium Chloride Benefits, Magnesium Oil Uses, Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Benefits, Zechstein SeabedMagnesium Oil. This is helpful to relieve aching muscles and joints and is important for regulating blood pressure which can be affected by chronic pain.

If you need something different, I’m happy to talk with you and create a custom blend that fits your needs.

Let’s talk today and find out how pure essential oils can help you manage your chronic pain. You can call, email or reach out using this simple contact form.

Many blessings to you and I look forward to serving you!



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. It is always advisable to consult with your qualified health care practitioner.

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