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It Starts With Healthy Skin

It Starts With Healthy Skin

I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. Joyce Meyer

Healthy Skin, eczema and psoriasis, autoimmune skin disorders, diabetic skin disorders, what causes eczema and psoriasis,It starts with healthy skin. You may not think much about it, but skin is the largest organ of our miraculous body.

Nearly everything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed. Once absorbed, your liver has to filter whatever you put on your skin (or in your mouth or whatever you breathe). We’re exposed to so much stuff during the day from preservatives in our food and personal care products to exhaust and smog in the air.

Seriously – I don’t know how to save or educate the world about the effects of chemicals on our bodies. All I do really, is talk to people one-on-one at the famer’s markets. To make that process a little smoother, I created Scented Balance to offer some amazing products from plant-based ingredients.

There are scented and unscented deep hydration body butters from organic butters such as cocoa, shea, mango, sal and kokum. I use these butters in several different products as they are known to nourish your dry skin, especially for eczema, psoriasis and other contact dermatitis issues.

Why Do I Need More Natural Products?

So many people come to me and ask me to explain why they need more natural products in their everyday life. Then, they talk about the eczema, psoriasis and diabetic skin issues that they deal with on a daily basis, especially in the winter time when the air is much drier. They tell me about the scales, itching, burning sensation and cracked skin. They tell me how miserable they feel and how embarrassed that people think they are contagious. That hurts my heart.

I cannot heal your skin issues since I’m not a doctor (they can’t really heal you, either). Your body is capable of healing itself when you have the right tools. What I can offer is PsoMaxx (TM) which is a balm I created using  cocoa butter, beeswax and some amazing essential oils that address the itching and scaling of eczema and psoriasis as well as the dry, damaged skin so often found with diabetics.*

What I do know is that by reducing the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to, your body has a better chance to get back to balance. When your body is balanced, you feel better in every area.

When it itches, I scratch it!

If your skin itches, you scratch it – right? When you repeatedly scratch your skin, you eventually tear your skin which leads to more dryness which leads to more itchiness – round and round we go… But what if you weren’t itching and scratching as much? What if by not scratching, your body had a chance to do what it does best – feel better?

Autoimmune skin disorders are an inside job. You have to know what’s triggering a flare-up. Could it be stress, dairy, gluten – or all of the above?

In studying essential oils for my aromatherapy certification, I learned that there are oils that really can benefit your skin. Essential oils such as Frankincense, Peppermint, Neroli, Lavender and Helichrysum are all nourishing especially when combined with nutrient-rich butters and oils.

What is NOT in PsoMaxx? Obviously, there are no steroids. There’s no parabens, there’s no sodium laureth anything, there’s NO chemicals to irritate your already compromised skin. PsoMaxx is simply pure goodness from nature.

I can’t make any claims about PsoMaxx.* I only know what my customers say it does for them. If you have these skin issues and need a good daily cream, Nakedly Natural Deep Hydration Body Butter is perfect for you. It’s ideal for deeply hydrating your skin on a daily basis without any chemicals to make your situation worse.

It starts with healthy skin. And when you’re healthy, you have more of your personal brand of magic to give to yourself, your family and your friends.

I would love to talk with you about your concerns and show you how aromatherapy can help you have a better quality of life. Please go here to fill out a contact form or you can call or email.



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