It Starts With Healthy Skin

It starts with healthy skin. You may not think much about it, but skin is the largest organ of our miraculous body. Nearly everything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed. Once absorbed, your liver has to filter whatever you put on your skin (or in your mouth or whatever you breathe). We're exposed … Continue reading It Starts With Healthy Skin

Natural Is Good

Beauty is but a lease from nature. - Edward Counsel, Maxims Being young for a longer time than many, I've learned something very important - natural is good for you. We live in a world of toxins created for the sheer purpose of the corporate bottom line and the almighty dollar. Look at the beauty of nature. Go … Continue reading Natural Is Good

Physician Heal Thyself

Remember the old adage physician heal thyself? It's true. As a certified aromatherapist, I am keenly aware of how well the human body heals itself. I begin my aromatherapy practice in awe of the amazing healing abilities of the human body. I cannot heal you. Your doctor cannot heal you. Only YOU can heal you. All anyone can … Continue reading Physician Heal Thyself