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WOW – life certainly has taken a turn to the crazy side, eh? We’re all on edge, unnerved and scared. Since we’re all in this together, today let’s explore how to stay grounded in chaotic times.

The heavy, tense energy in the world is palpable. Those of us who feel that energy more intensely know that grounding is an important part of daily self care.

What is Grounding?

It’s the practice of balancing your energy (both physical and spiritual) to the earth. Grounding also helps you release excess pent up energy that can make you feel scattered.

I’ll take a big ol’ SWAG and say that we’re ALL dealing with excess energy in one form or another right now.

We tend to gloss over grounding or centering because life just gets too busy and “other things” demand our attention. 

It’s important to stay connected to one another while we stay home, so this week, my dear friend, Tressa Krenzer of Lovingkindness Reiki and Yoga collaborated on this article on grounding yourself starting with the Root Chakra.

About Your Root Chakra

Every living thing has energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers correspond to different areas of our body, mind and spirit.

Right now while life is so turbulent, the Root Chakra is your first line of defense to ground your energy.

Located at the base of your spine, the Root Chakra is all about your safety and security in the world as well as your personal identity. It governs your sense of belonging and your personal place on the planet. This energy center also governs your confidence in being able to take care of your basic needs.

All these people who are hoarding supplies feel threatened; they feel like there’s not enough for everyone so they try to make themselves feel more secure by hoarding.

Think we have a collective Root Chakra problem?

I had an interesting conversation probably 10 years ago with shopkeeper that I met by chance. (Is there really such a thing as chance encounters?)

While wandering around a consignment store, I spied a pair of vintage earrings that I really wanted. I thought the price was $3 for the pair (!!) but the price tag was smudged. The price could have been $30 – I wasn’t sure.

Honestly? I didn’t want to embarrass myself by getting to the checkout and not having enough money.

I asked her to please confirm the price so that I wasn’t mistaking $3 for $30 and she said:

“It’s okay for you to take up space on the planet.”

Well, that came out of left field!

My jaw dropped and I had an aha moment – my whole life felt scattered and out of sorts; there was never enough for me to feel comfortable and safe. I was constantly working to explain, justify and defend my place in the world.

When you’re grounded and your Root Chakra is open and balanced, you know your place in the world; you have an abundance mentality and you know you can take care of yourself and your basic needs.

Which is where grounding comes in.

Grounding Your Root Chakra

One of the best ways you can ground your Root Chakra is by moving your body. Something as simple as a few yoga poses that you’re comfortable doing, walking outside or even stretching for a few minutes.

Your body is meant to move to keep your energy flowing.

Yes, right now we’re all on stay-at-home. Your favorite yoga instructor will probably have her classes online. Lovingkindness Reiki and Yoga has live yoga classes on Zoom.

The days are warmer which means the ground is warmer. Take your shoes off and stand in the grass. Touching the earth with the soles of your bare feet does more to ground you than just about anything.

Can you take 5 minutes (or even 2 minutes) to meditate or pray to calm the raging noise? My practice first thing in the morning is to hold a small set of crystals and concentrate on their energetic qualities. Am I really good at this? Nope. But it lets me ease into my day quietly and calmly instead of slamming into my day.

Grounding With Essential Oils

Root Chakra RollerballI have the ready-to-apply Root Chakra Synergy Blend specifically for grounding and balancing your Root Chakra. It contains a blend of 7 pure essential oils to balance, heal and enhance your Root Chakra.

Each one of us has a duty to ground and balance ourselves and send this energy out into the world.

Right now, it’s really important to focus on the Root Chakra. That weirdness we’re feeling is scattered energy making our sense of fear and panic more heightened. It begins a downward spiral causing more fear and panic.

When your Root Chakra is blocked, your sense of security goes right out the door and doubt, fear and anxiety take hold.  Most importantly, your emotional and physical health begin to suffer.

You can stop this downward spiral in its tracks. Tend to your sense of security and allow aromatherapy to help you. The Root Chakra Synergy Blend in particular is the perfect blend for this purpose.

I have several other blends that are already diluted and ready to apply to your skin.

All of these blends are excellent at calming your swirling, chaotic emotions. The flat rate shipping is $2.95 at the Scented Balance online aromatherapy shop.

I”m asking a favor for you to please share this article on your favorite social media platform. I aim to get the word out about aromatherapy and how truly helpful it is for your body, mind and spirit.

Blessings, virtual hugs and be well!


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