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I’m a huge believer in holistic healthcare.

Over the years, I’ve worked to bring information to you about alternative and complementary healthcare including aromatherapy. Reflexology is one of those modalities and this week, I chat with Troy Hurst of Planet Reflexology in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

There’s several ways that reflexology can help you get, be and stay healthy.

What is Reflexology?

Troy and I had a wonderful chat on Zoom about what reflexology is and how it helps you.

“Reflexology, as a method of holistic healing, is the practice of stimulating pressure points on the hands and feet to relieve pain. These pressure points connect the central nervous system and the body’s organs. Through this connection, a skilled practitioner can strengthen the parts of the body causing pain and stress with specific techniques.”

When your practitioner (hopefully Troy!) stimulates the pressure points, it acts to balance your body’s systems – the college word is “homeostatis“.

Here’s more of our chat:

So, how does it help you?

  1. Reduces chronic pain. Reflexology stimulates the central nervous system and is very relaxing. This can help retrain your brain to feel pain differently.
  2. Improves circulation. One of the most well-known and verified benefits of Reflexology is improving blood circulation throughout the body. When blood and oxygen cycle through the body more effectively, your body functions more optimally.
  3. Aids with congestion and constipation. Yep – I went there! Because reflexology helps your body to balance itself, that means your congestion (head and chest) and constipation may be relieved. Seriously – when your energy gets stuck, so does poop and phlegm!
  4. Speeding recovery from surgery. Reflexology treatments improve nerve activity and circulation associated with pain relief. With less pain, patients recover more rapidly and have an easier time getting back into routine life.
  5. Reducing anxiety. Reflexology can help by inducing an overall physical relaxation of the body, which relaxes levels of anxiety.

Bonus benefit: Reflexology helps to reduce stress. Doctors estimate that over 75% of our common health maladies are related to stress and our nervous systems. When you use holistic modalities like reflexology, you’re less likely to need toxic pills and endless doctor visits because this therapy gets to the root symptom. And of course, the added benefit of aromatherapy helps reduce stress even more.

It is non-invasive and takes less than an hour for your appointment. And yes, Troy uses aromatherapy in his practice because pure essential oils exact real physiological changes without any nasty side effects.

Want more information? Here’s how you can work with Troy:

Planet Reflexology website: PlanetReflex.com

Phone: 336  831  5615

Email: troy (at) planetreflex.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetReflex

I hope you get as much out of my chat with Troy Hurst as I did. Please – take a moment to share this post on your favorite social media platform.



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