Own Your Muchness, Sexual Abuse, Energy Healing

Own Your Muchness – isn’t that a powerful statement? I met the powerful woman behind that statement recently at a weekly meeting I attend and I was so inspired! As a matter of fact, I’m so inspired that I asked her permission to write about it in this week’s post.

What Does It Mean Own Your Muchness?

Melody Morris is the amazing talent behind Total Energy Healing USA and her mission is to empower women especially those who have experienced sexual trauma. It’s especially tender to me as I experienced trauma of this nature as a child. 

It’s critical to your quality of life for you to find the best way to heal this trauma and for me, it’s been a very long journey.

What I really want to share with you today is a little bit about Melody’s message of owning your muchness.

Melody is a shaman and energy healer (and holistic life coach) and she’s agreed to be a guest on my Scented Balance blog in the next few weeks to talk about what she does, why she does it and how it can benefit you. (I’m really excited about this!)

When I asked Melody to explain “own your muchness”, she said it’s about owning your power, understanding who you really are and and embracing the real you – not the you that everyone else wants you to be.

It’s all about owning your passions, embracing your quirks, accepting your life experiences and being good with how it makes you a beautifully unique human being. 

Remember the advertisement “Love the skin you’re in”? It goes right along with owning your muchness; accepting yourself as a human being, not apologizing for taking up space on the planet and NEVER apologizing for living your life on YOUR terms.

Since Melody and I were talking one on one, I personally understood her message to me to appreciate all my quirks, my desires, my heart, my soul, my very uniqueness – all the traits that make me ME.

Why Does It Matter?

Yes, right now I’m struggling to share with you why all this matters. If I’m struggling to make sense of parts of my life, I know I’m not the only one.

I was raised by a very controlling mother who never taught me about self worth; only that I should be ashamed of who I was/am. Between her and the patriarchal religion that taught me I’m nothing but a worthless piece of shit, you can hopefully understand why I’ve struggled to come to terms with my childhood, the person I truly am and why I’m sharing this rawness with you.

The message I got pounded into my head is that I didn’t have any business taking up space on the planet. I wasn’t allowed to learn how to make decisions, good or bad. They were made for me because I wasn’t good enough to make them on my own.

Then there’s the sexual abuse. I was molested at the tender age of 8. When I told my mother (at 16) that I couldn’t take any more, I was blamed for it – as a child. To my face. (Of course it’s my fault – it couldn’t be his!)

I spent a lot of years feeling depressed, ashamed and uncomfortable in my own skin. I experienced some really bad relationships because I didn’t have the courage to own my muchness.  knowing who you are, speaking my truth, aromatherapy for trauma

So, it matters that I own my muchness because I’m done apologizing for being a sensitive person, finished with apologizing because I stepped out of the box I was put in and done feeling ashamed for speaking my truth.

I’ve come to terms with the compassionate, sensitive, quirky human that I am. When you show up every day as who you really are, the right people come into your life. And the wrong people fade away.

That’s where the real magic is.

My conversation with Melody really resonated with me – actually I felt like I had an aha moment. There’s real power in appreciating the traits that make you a unique soul in a population of billions. When you own that power, you live a happier, more genuine and fulfilled life.

Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Why I Do What I Do

My mission – my passion – is to help women understand their inner beauty in a society that only values outer beauty. I believe it’s why it’s important to share aromatherapy, why it’s my special gift and why I’m so good at it. Aromatherapy offers a wonderful tool for your daily life and for healing from life’s traumas.

And we all experience traumas in life.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share a painful part of my life. I can’t wait for you to meet Melody Morris! In the meantime, here’s a link to her website: Total Energy Healing.

Thank you for being a part of my life – however messy it is. Be who you are and OWN YOUR MUCHNESS!



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