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Boy, that’s a loaded question right now. But I’m talking about products made with essential oils. One of the most asked questions I get is “how long will this last“?

The short answer is – that depends.

It all begins with the ingredients and you should know by now that I’m insanely picky about the ingredients I use to create all the products at Scented Balance. I know that whatever you put on your skin or in your mouth has to be filtered by your liver. 

And the whole point of natural products is to reduce the toxic load on your body. Much of that toxic load from your deodorant, shampoo, medications and food causes inflammation.

Ah, but I digress. :)

The Shelf Life Of Products Made With Essential Oils

Most of the products I make have a two year shelf life. But again, it depends on the ingredients including the essential oils themselves.

For instance, essential oils such as Lavender, Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit have small molecules which means their shelf life is shorter – about two years depending on how they’re stored. Oils such as Frankincense, Patchouli and Sandalwood have larger, heavier molecules and their shelf life is in the 7 – 10 year range.

I handcraft the body lotion that is used in many of the pain products such as Flexatoid and Tend-Aid. One of the ingredients I use most often in lotions, body butters and the roll on bottle synergy blends is organic Jojoba Wax (Simmondesia chenisis) which has a shelf life of up to 20 years. 

Jojoba Wax is primarily made up of long chain fatty acids which means that it doesn’t get rancid. It “protects” the other ingredients and actually extends the shelf life for a longer period of time. That’s why I use it in so many of my products.

The organic butters I use such as Shea, Hemp, Mango and Shorea have a shelf life of 1 – 2 years. Nearly every single balm, butter or lotion product I make contains Jojoba Wax to help extend the shelf life.

Why Don’t Commercial Products Expire?

I will say this as gently as possible. 99% of the products you buy for everyday use are made with synthetic (man-made) chemicals. And those products have chemical preservatives many of which are known to cause cancer and disrupt your hormonal system.

In other words, they have the half life of a roach.

There’s chemicals such a parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphates, Phthalates and petroleum in commercial products because they may sit on a shelf for several years. Yes, they preserve and enhance the products for an extended length of time, but at what cost?

Several years ago when I had so much trouble with my thyroid and adrenal system, I researched the chemical makeup of such mundane products as deodorant, perfume, shampoo, soap and body lotions. I found the Environmental Working Group website that explained what these toxic chemicals do to your body.

Sheesh! My eyes were opened and I was shocked at what I read. 

It was then that I made a conscious decision to use plant based products wherever I could.

Enter aromatherapy.

The more I studied the more scared I got. (Okay, not the Queen’s English, but you get the point.) pregnancy stretch marks, best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy, diabetic skin care, stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks, Nakedly Natural Whipped Body Butter

At that point, I was determined to make an impact – as much as I could – with products made with ingredients that came from the Earth. Your body KNOWS the difference between Sweet Orange essential oil and Orange fragrance oil.

Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties. So instead of using a product that causes inflammation, why not use a product that helps fight it?

The bottom line?

Go NATURAL and use your Scented Balance products within one to two years of purchase. Use ’em up – I’ll make more! 

We have so much pollution and toxic substances coming at us in every day life, so I made a personal decision to counteract that as much as possible with awesome products that are good for your body, mind and spirit.

I’m grateful for my aromatherapy journey and grateful that you’ve chosen to join me.

Please take a moment and share this post on your favorite social media site – let’s spread the word, okay?

Blessings and be well,




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