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Boo – it’s flu season and boy has it hit with a vengeance. Officially beginning in October, The CDC says this my be the worst flu season in a decade.


Because there’s two different strains making the rounds this year.

At this point in the season (we’re less than halfway through it), The CDC says that 6.4 million people have had the flu and over 55,000 have been hospitalized with it. Which is a LOT for this point in the season.

William Shaffner, MD who is an infectious diseases specialist and professor at Vanderbilt University says we’re getting a double whammy this year.

“This season has been dominated by a form of the flu called influenza B which is completely odd since influenza B doesn’t typically create large outbreaks.

H1N1 flu viruses are also starting to rise and we may have a double-barrel season of influenza B followed by H1N1. We have all these odd ingredients coming together so that we have, at this juncture, an awful lot of flu with the potential for being as bad as our last bad year, if not worse.”

Well okay then Suzy Sunshine! Let’s just spread a little good news, shall we?

Better to spread a little bad news now instead of spreading flu germs.

Speaking of flu germs, here’s a quick reminder of how to avoid the flu!

Avoiding The Flu

I write about the flu every year because it’s so dangerous. Just yesterday, I read that 2 years ago the flu season was the worst in a long time and this year is heading in that direction.

You can read my original post at “Understanding Influenza (The Flu).

The quick version of how to avoid the flu goes like this:

  • Wash your hands with plain soap and the hottest water you can stand. Using hand sanitizer simply kills off the “germs” that work to kill the flu and increases antibiotic resistance. (Meaning you get sicker.)
  • Don’t touch your face. Any germs you have on your hands will get into the tender mucous membranes of your eyes and nose and spread like crazy.
  • Do your best to stay away from anyone who is coughing and hacking. (Yes, Captain Obvious.)
  • Use extra care at day care centers and nursing homes as they are breeding grounds for the flu. Both of these populations are vulnerable to the flu and it’s worse for them than it is teens through middle adulthood. In both instances, large populations are in close quarters and the flu spreads like crazy.
  • Sleep! Get more sleep during the flu season. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more susceptible to catching whatever is going around.
  • For those who don’t want to take a flu shot, PLEASE TAKE ELDERBERRY EXTRACT! It keeps your immune system in good shape and also helps immensely if you do catch a cold or get the flu. Elderberry extract is known to be an excellent anti-viral (think the flu) and an anti-inflammatory. It’s about 80 – 90% effective against the flu. Take one tablespoon every night before you go to bed. If you do get the flu (or even a common cold), take 1 tablespoon every two hours.

I have an immunity blend along with Elderberry Extract and Elderberry Wellness Syrup for sale online and in the aromatherapy shop in Kernersville. I’ll do my absolute best to keep you healthy using plant-based products that actually work.

Be well!



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