Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel Leaf, essential oils for inflammation, essential oils for bloating and gas, essential oils for arthritis, inflammation and essential oilsLaurel Leaf is one of the lesser-known essential oils but I use it quite often in blends for clients. It addresses a number of issues that are very common.

Laurus nobilis (Laurel Leaf) comes from Morocco, France and Croatia and it’s leaves are steam distilled to extract the oil. It is considered an analgesic as the oil has antinociceptive action – which is a fancy college word for inhibiting the sensation of pain, especially the rheumatic variety.

Amazingly, Laurel Leaf has anti-inflammatory properties*. It seems like a lot of information about health (or lack thereof) has something to do with inflammation.

Inflammation is the culprit in a whole lot of issues!

This oil also has antispasmodic properties which means if you’re experiencing digestive issues, using the blend below will help. This blend is ideal before or after eating a large meal.

Another time when an anti-spasmodic oil such as Laurel Leaf comes in handy is when you’re having back spasms. 

If you have a chest cold, Laurel Leaf is an excellent choice to use as one of its’ components, 1,8 cineole, has beneficial effects on the respiratory system including an expectorant action.

How Aromatherapy Helps

The art of aromatherapy is based on observation throughout centuries of use. Many times in a blend, I will use a specific oil to address your emotions as well as your physical concerns – it’s all tied together!

This means that Laurel Leaf is useful when you need to focus and concentrate, to boost confidence and especially when you are feeling a bit down, commonly known as the “blues”.

Not only does it uplift the mind and thoughts but it helps in moving stuck energy. Have you ever felt like you’re on a hamster wheel – simply going round and round and really not going anywhere? I know I have and simply breathing in the fresh herbal-spicy aroma can help clear your mind and get your energy moving again.

Here is a simple but effective blend for digestive bloating and gas:  Difference Between IBS and IBD, Chronic Indigestion and Aromatherapy,

No More Gas!

  • 3 drops Laurel Leaf
    2 drops Bergamot (phototoxic)
    2 drops Orange
    2 drops Roman Chamomile
    3 drops Sweet Marjoram
    3 drops Peppermint

Blend in 1 oz (28 gm) of unscented lotion (or even in aloe vera gel) and massage into belly. Can be used before or after a meal. If digestive system gas is the problem, try this recipe and add a hot water bottle. Lie with the blend on your belly, a piece of flannel on top of it, and the hot water bottle on top of the flannel. Do not apply to skin that will be exposed to UV rays for 12 – 18 hours.

If you don’t have all of these oils and would like to try this amazing natural blend for bloating and gas, I make a 1 ounce blend for $19.95. Choose Custom Blends in the Aromatherapy Shop and make a note that you want the No More Gas blend – I’ll take it from there!

If you’re one of the millions who live with arthritis issues, I created Flexatoid to address inflammation and pain. One of the ingredients is Laurel Leaf  for a myriad of reasons – but mainly for its’ anti-inflammatory properties. It has a warming sensation to it, so if you’re dealing with any aches, pains or rheumatic conditions in your joints, Laurel Leaf is a wonderful choice to address your concerns. This also makes it an excellent oil to use when it’s cold.

One of my favorite essential oil suppliers is Aromatics International. They offer unsprayed, sustainably produced essential oils and the product description gives an amazing amount of information about Laurel Leaf (and many other) essential oil.

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*Sayyah, M., Saroukhani, G., Peirovi, A., and Kamaladinejad, M. (2003) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of the leaf essential oil of Laurus nobilis Linn. Phytotherapy Research 17, 733-736.