Uninsured – Part 2 – Headaches and Migraines

Last week, we talked about aromatherapy as an alternative form of healthcare especially if you will be one of the 22 million uninsured or losing health insurance over the next few years. Today, I'd like to expand a little on how you can use both aromatherapy and holistic life coaching as additional tools in your … Continue reading Uninsured – Part 2 – Headaches and Migraines

Uninsured? Look to Alternative Health Care

Uninsured? It's important to look to alternative health care along with natural remedies if you find that insurance is simply too costly. It's a touchy subject these days. If you have what's considered to be a pre-existing condition, it's bad news. Alternative medicine Health insurance plans may become out-of-reach for many of us in the … Continue reading Uninsured? Look to Alternative Health Care

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Big props to all of the dads who protect, nurture and love their families. Just in case you're wondering, the London Telegraph has a nice article on when and why Father's Day was created. Amazing - it wasn't created by Hallmark! While I was not close … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Unexpected Changes

This week, I've witnessed unexpected changes. A family member passed away suddenly and my dear friend found out she is having a baby she didn't expect. Why does the circle of life put us on a roller coaster? Why does the circle of life shock and change us so? I wish I had answers. Deep, satisfying … Continue reading Unexpected Changes

Holistic Life Coaching

What is holistic life coaching? As with with aromatherapy, holistic life coaching is a wonderful and powerful tool in your healthcare toolkit. The holistic perspective means that body, mind and spirit are all connected and when one area is out of balance, everything else is as well. You might not realize the extent of the imbalance … Continue reading Holistic Life Coaching