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Yes, I know. It seems like I’m harping on the flu. But there are some ridiculous myths about the flu that can make you really – really – sick! And we’re STILL in the middle of flu season!

In North Carolina alone, there have been 68 deaths from the flu since September, 2018.

Stop believing these ridiculous myths and protect your precious health.

#1 – Getting The Flu Shot Causes The Flu

No. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t.

GAH! Somehow this rumor simply will not die. The flu vaccine is made from dead viral particles and since they’re dead, they can’t infect you.

It takes about 2 weeks for your body to form antibodies and fully protect you from the flu. If you were exposed to any kind of respiratory germ before or after you got a flu shot, you may get get sick but it won’t be because of the flu shot. 

You also might have a slight reaction to the flu shot, but it’s not the flu.


#2 – The Young And Healthy Don’t Need A Flu Shot

Yes. You. Do. 

The flu is deadliest among the very young and very old. True.

But, it can still cause severe symptoms in people who are otherwise healthy. The more people who get a flu shot, the more we cut down on transmitting the flu virus. 

You can’t pass on a virus you didn’t get.


#3 – Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get The Flu Shot

Yes. You. Should. Immediately.

You’re unborn child is very susceptible to illness even in your womb. So getting a flu shot when you’re pregnant protects you AND your unborn baby. Your sweet baby will also be protected after she’s born because of the antibodies in your breast milk.

Pregnancy causes changes in your heart, lung and immune system that can increase your risk of a BAD case of the flu. And a bad case of the flu could seriously affect your pregnancy.


#4 – You Can Stop The Flu Just By Washing Your Hands

Sigh…washing your hands more during the flu season helps – a lot. But just washing your hands doesn’t keep the flu virus away.  Wash Your Hands!, Avoid The Flu, natural remedies for flu

If someone within 6 feet of you has the flu virus and droplets from coughing or sneezing land on you, you still may get the flu. Which is why you really shouldn’t touch your face – and you should wash your hands more often.

By the way, using all that antibacterial soap simply makes you more susceptible to the flu because it kills off the good bacteria that you need to fight off the bad stuff.


#5 – Antibiotics Fight The Flu

No. They can’t.

The flu is a virus and antibiotics only fight bacteria. And the more you take antibiotics, the more your body becomes resistant to them – meaning they won’t do much good if you keep taking them.

What’s more, bacteria are highly adaptable creatures. Doctors have over-prescribed antibiotics for years, mostly because people demand them.

The Happy Herb Company makes a really good point here about antibiotics:

The livestock industry has used massive quantities of antibiotics for years (amounts that would be illegal to give to humans) to prevent illness in the devastatingly unhealthy conditions the poor animals have been kept in. This in turn enters the human food chain, especially in the form of eggs, chicken, beef, salmon and pork/bacon, meaning we are constantly eating low doses of antibiotics that also provide resistance training to bacteria.

You eat antibiotics all the time!


What Can I Do To Prevent The Flu?


Seriously, y’all, stop with all this fear stuff around flu shots. No they’re not 100% effective. Yes, sometimes you’ll get sick.

It happens. 

Get back to nature – use manuka honey, garlic and elderberry.

Elderberry tincture or syrup is about 90% effective against the flu and it’s important to take it during the whole flu season. I get mine at Norm’s Farms in Asheboro. Even if you start taking it NOW, you’re strengthening your immune system.

Yes, aromatherapy is excellent to boost your immune system. And a strong immune system can fight off a whole lot of junk that’s going around.

It all boils down to this:

    • Stop eating processed foods. It’s not really food, it’s chemicals. Chemicals weaken your immune system.
    • Get up off the couch more than you do. Exercise is good for your immune system.
    • Drink more pure water. That diet soda is killing you. Chemicals are weakening your immune system.
    • Wash your hands with plain soap and water. Antibacterial soaps weaken your immune system.
    • Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough. Period. That’s using the good manners your mamma taught you.

A strong immune system can fight off more germs than you can shake a stick at. I began taking elderberry tincture last September and I haven’t stopped since. And – just in case:




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