Using Aromatherapy For Menopause

Recently, I had the honor of presenting aromatherapy to a wonderful group of ladies interested in a more graceful menopause journey. The main presenter was someone who struggled with her journey and found very little reliable information about menopause. using aromatherapy for menopause Even if you're in your thirties and not ready to start this … Continue reading Using Aromatherapy For Menopause

Why It Takes Longer To Heal A Tendon Or Ligament

Tendons and ligaments play an important part in stability and function of your musculoskelatal system.  So when you strain, sprain or tear a tendon or ligament, it takes longer to heal than muscle injuries. When you injure one of them, it's usually a sprain or a strain. What's the difference? Ligaments are sprained and tendons … Continue reading Why It Takes Longer To Heal A Tendon Or Ligament

Think You’re Getting Enough Sleep?

Think you're getting enough sleep? It's Sleep Awareness Week - of course during the time change! Read more about how sleep affects your overall health and ways to get better sleep without pills.

Are We Teaching Our Girls To Shine?

Woohoo! It's Women's History Month which is awesome! It shines a light on the accomplishments of some amazing women from all walks of life who might otherwise simply be a footnote in history. With that said, are we teaching our girls to shine or shrink? I'm frustrated by the double standard that women still endure. … Continue reading Are We Teaching Our Girls To Shine?