What Is Self Care?

Do you ever really ask yourself what is self care? You hear a lot about it and also a lot of "oh pulleeze" right behind it. It sounds fluffy and selfish to talk about self care, but please hear me out. You can't give someone a drink from an empty cup. How many times have … Continue reading What Is Self Care?

On Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Stress

In the United States, Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. What was once a day of gratitude and counting blessings has simply become the day before Black Friday. What used to be a day of relaxing and enjoying good food, good friends and family has for many become a horror story full of … Continue reading On Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Stress

How Does Reiki Work?

One of my goals for Scented Balance is to offer simple and effective tools to help you guard your health and take charge of your overall wellbeing. This week, in looking for alternative ways to stay healthy (especially since I'm uninsured), I explore the question: How does Reiki work? I continually seek ways to protect and … Continue reading How Does Reiki Work?

Essential Oils To Boost Your Immune System

Winter is sneaking up faster and faster and today, I'd like to show you how to use essential oils to boost your immune system. With all the germs flying around during the late fall and winter months, along with using essential oils, there's several simple ways you can avoid colds and the flu. White blood cells, … Continue reading Essential Oils To Boost Your Immune System