Back to Dry Skin and Diabetes

Today, I'm going back to dry skin and diabetes to talk a bit more about it in-depth. I touched on the subject in this post back in January when dry winter weather wreaks havoc on skin - especially dry skin. But I want to revisit dry skin because if you have diabetes, you know there's a … Continue reading Back to Dry Skin and Diabetes

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

It's spring cleaning time! I'm such a fan of spring and summer and everything that goes along with it. Cleaning out the last dregs of winter makes me feel excited and refreshed. Not everyone is thrilled with spring - all that blooms causes allergy and sinus issues for a lot of people, and if that's … Continue reading It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel Leaf is one of the lesser-known essential oils but I use it quite often in blends for clients. It addresses a number of issues that are very common. Laurus nobilis (Laurel Leaf) comes from Morocco, France and Croatia and it's leaves are steam distilled to extract the oil. It is considered an analgesic as … Continue reading Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

{achoo} Bless You!

Sinus congestion sufferers beware - the first signs of spring have sprung and {achoo} Bless You! It happens about this time every year, doesn't it? SOMETHING starts blooming and your stuffy head and watery, itchy eyes rebel. What's your yearly routine for the itchy, watery eyes, stuffy head and sinus headaches? Are you taking sinus … Continue reading {achoo} Bless You!

Frequently Asked Questions About Aromatherapy

certified aromatherapist Not everyone knows how good essential oils are for body, mind and spirit, so today, I am answering some frequently asked questions about aromatherapy.  It doesn't matter if you're new to essential oils or a seasoned pro, there's always something to learn! Using essential oils on a daily basis is easy, fulfilling and healthy. How … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions About Aromatherapy