A Little Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is this week - ah, the day of love. I'm more interested in a little self love on Valentine's Day so I have one question.  Why do we need one day a year to really focus on love? Focusing On Love Every Day My beliefs have changed over the years (I'm sure yours … Continue reading A Little Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Simply Show Up In Life

My friend's father died at Christmas. What do you say to someone in that moment when they need you the most? I didn't say a whole lot - of course I said how deeply sorry I was for her loss. Outside of those few words, I chose to simply show up for her. Nothing you … Continue reading Simply Show Up In Life

Be Kind and Gentle

This year, let's choose to be kind and gentle to each other - but especially to ourselves. How do you do that when the inner war never ceases?

Merry Christmas!

With all the busyness, hustle and bustle around the Christmas season, my gift to you is a moment to relax and smile with a sweet poem.

Spoken From The Heart

I wish I knew what to write about this week. My heart is hurting at all the hatred that has been spewed in the United States. So, this week, my words are spoken from the heart not about essential oils, but about kindness compassion and tolerance. Anne Frank was such an old soul who knew … Continue reading Spoken From The Heart