The Power Of One Lone Voice

"I don't feel like I've done anything extraordinary but take my little light and shine it in darkness." ~ Leymah Gbowee Do you ever feel like you're swimming upstream about a particular belief? That you're alone in your passion? Some days, I feel that way. And yet, I believe in the power of one LONE … Continue reading The Power Of One Lone Voice

Using Aromatherapy For Menopause

Recently, I had the honor of presenting aromatherapy to a wonderful group of ladies interested in a more graceful menopause journey. The main presenter was someone who struggled with her journey and found very little reliable information about menopause. using aromatherapy for menopause Even if you're in your thirties and not ready to start this … Continue reading Using Aromatherapy For Menopause

Uninsured – Part 8 – The Key To Your Overall Wellbeing

Your overall wellbeing is incredibly important and precious especially when you are uninsured. This week, I wrap up the Uninsured series. If you would like to start at the beginning, here is the first installment. Last week, I touched on digestive issues and how aromatherapy and holistic life coaching can help. As I write this … Continue reading Uninsured – Part 8 – The Key To Your Overall Wellbeing

Uninsured – Part 4 – Chronic Pain

If your body is screaming in pain, whether the pain is muscular contractions, anxiety, depression, asthma or arthritis, a first step in releasing the pain may be making the connection between your body pain and the cause. “Beliefs are physical. A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief. The belief then becomes … Continue reading Uninsured – Part 4 – Chronic Pain