Chakras And Your Health

Chakras and Your Health, subtle energy, how do chakras work, chakra imbalance,

Chakras are the energy centers located throughout your body. They’re part of your subtle energy system and that means balanced chakras and your health are intertwined.

They’re the doorways through which physical, emotional and spiritual energies flow.

Having balanced chakras is part of a holistic belief that our body, mind and spirit – including these subtle energy centers – are all connected.

Western medicine ignores the fact that body, mind and spirit are all connected. Eastern medicine begins with that fact. An imbalance in one of your seven chakras can show up at first as vague symptoms and eventually lead to specific dis-eases or illness.

So many forms of dis-ease begin in the mind. Whether it’s from stress, frustration, sadness or anger, it all begins in the six inches in between your ears.

Your body continually sends messages to you. By paying attention to these messages, you learn to understand and respond to sensations in your body; your moods, aches and pains as well as changes that occur in your general health.

This doesn’t mean that dis-ease only begins in your mind. Look at it from another angle –

Stress begins in your mind. And stress causes many different physiological changes.

How Do The Chakras Work?

The energy created from our emotions and base beliefs is what provides balance – or imbalance – in our chakras. This energy flows through to our cells, tissue and organs.

This is one reason why negative self talk is so harmful and unhealthy.

While each acupressure point on your body is an energy center, there are seven major chakras that begin at your tailbone and progress to the top of your head.

The word chakra is an ancient term referring to the spinning vortexes of our body’s natural energy system. In Sanskrit, the word chakra actually means ‘wheel’.

When all seven of your chakras are balanced, your energy is flowing freely through your body and enhances your physical, emotional and mental health.

All About The Chakras

  1. The Root Chakra is the foundation for all the other chakras and is your stability and security.
  2. The Sacral Chakra is the seat of your sexual energy and interpersonal relationships.
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra is where your creativity  and personal power resides.
  4. The Heart Chakra is all about love – for yourself and others.
  5. The Throat Chakra is the ability to speak your truth.
  6. The Third Eye Chakra relates to intuition and wisdom.
  7. The Crown Chakra is your connection to the divine and inner peace.

Your chakra system and its’ subtle energy is fascinating not only to understand, but to watch how it plays out in everyday life especially in connection to your physical, mental and spiritual health.

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