Heart Chakra And Your Health

Heart Chakra (Anahata) 

Heart Chakra and Your Health,

The fourth chakra is the heart and it’s located in the center of your chest.

The heart chakra is all about love, compassion and sheer joy. It’s the emotional energy center of your body and also the bridge between the lower – more physical – chakras and the upper – more emotional – chakras.

It acts as a window to your deep down true self. Energetically, it allows those around you to pick up on just how much you’re willing to give and receive love and other emotions.

This very important energy center is the home of your compassion, deep bonds in your relationships as well as your kindness, generosity and respect.

The fourth chakra is associated most often with the color green although pink is considered a heart color as well. Green is a lively bright color symbolizing new growth – think new grass in the spring. ColorPsychology.org says this about the color green:

In crystal therapy, gems with a green color, like jade or malachite, are used to even out the energies around the emotional center of a being. In Indian believes green represents the Chakra of the chest, where we find the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. These are the part most affected when we are angry, upset or anxious. So the energies coming from this color are used to restore the normal state of the organism and mind.

When your heart chakra is balanced, you know you’re part of something larger, you live your life from a place of love and compassion. you have healthy boundaries and – most importantly – you’re loving and kind to yourself.

When this chakra is out of balance, you may experience:

    1. dysfunctional relationships
    2. co-dependency
    3. loneliness
    4. being judgmental
    5. poor boundaries

Physically, an unbalanced heart chakra may show up as:

    • respiratory problems
    • circulatory and heart ailments
    • high or low blood pressure
    • asthma
    • shoulder and rotator cuff issues
    • weak immune system

Your heart chakra may be blocked if you feel the need to isolate yourself, are unable to let go of situations that aren’t good for you or feel exhausted after spending time with friends. While it’s one of the most difficult chakras to heal, it makes the biggest difference on our overall well being.

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra

There’s several simple ways to balance your heart chakra to ensure it’s open and flowing which correlates to better health overall.

Yoga is wonderful for calming and balancing your whole system. Practicing yoga teaches you good breathing habits and helps with mindfulness. Yoga opens the heart.

Stones are very helpful to balance your chakras. Some good stones for balancing your heart chakra are:

  • Peridot as it clears negative energy from your heart
  • Emerald as it promotes harmony to the heart chakra
  • Aventurine as it encourages decisions made from the heart

Energy healing such as Reiki or sound therapy will help you to balance an under-active or over-active heart chakra.

For just a few minutes every day, visualize a green ball of light pulsating at your middle chest area.

Wear the color green and include green foods in your diet. Eating these foods will help your heart chakra:

    • broccoli
    • onions
    • avocados
    • celery
    • green apples
    • kiwi

Processed foods are very hard on your heart and eating clean food will help you balance and cleanse your heart chakra.

Essential Oils For Your Heart Chakra

Aromatherapy blends specifically for the fourth chakra are very helpful to cleanse and balance when it’s over-active or under-active. Some excellent essential oils are Lavender, Lemon, Helichrysum, Rose Geranium and Spikenard.

You can diffuse them, inhale them or blend a drop of each along with a carrier oil and apply to your heart and chest area.

Heart Chakra and Your Health, cleansing and balance heart chakra

The Scented Balance Heart Chakra Rollerball and Aromatic Mist are both created with a blend of oils to aid in balancing and opening this all-important energy center.

You can use them separately but together is always better.

Apply the Heart Chakra Roller Ball to your chest and heart area, behind your knees and your inner wrists.

The Aromatic Mist is ideal to spray in the air or on your body when meditating, during your yoga practice or whenever you want a calming and loving boost.

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