Throat Chakra and Your Health

Throat Chakra (Vishudda)

 Throat Chakra and Your Health

The fifth chakra is the throat and is located in the upper chest and throat area.

The throat chakra is all about communications including verbal, written, observational, listening and even body language. It’s related to being a good listener, communicating your authentic self to the world, expressing your ideas and opinions with integrity and speaking your truth. This chakra is the balancing act between your emotions and sense of reason.

It has a natural connection to the sacral chakra which is the seat of creativity and emotions. It’s the home of your sense of honor and personal integrity.

The fifth chakra is most often associated with the color blue which signifies dependability, trust and confidence. says this about the color blue:

When you look at branding and marketing campaigns, companies lean towards using blue because of the psychology traits it has. The colors give the customer a feel of loyalty, which leads them to trust and depend on these companies.

When your throat chakra is balanced, you feel confident in speaking your truth, you speak with a clear voice, you tend to learn easily and you’re open to others’ opinions. You also refrain from gossiping and find it hard to handle a lie from those around you.

When the fifth chakra is blocked or out of balance, you may experience:

    1. shyness and insecurities
    2. being a lousy listener
    3. feeling powerless
    4. a weak voice
    5. the inability to keep a secret
    6. constantly interrupting someone

Physically, imbalances in the throat chakra may show up as:

    • sore throats
    • laryngitis
    • dental problems
    • thyroid issues
    • speech and hearing difficulties
    • neck and shoulder pain

How To Balance Your Throat Chakra

There’s several simple ways to balance your throat chakra to ensure it’s open and flowing which correlates to better health overall.

Yoga is wonderful for calming and balancing your whole system. Practicing yoga teaches you good breathing habits and helps with mindfulness. Yoga also builds self confidence and listening skills.

Stones are very helpful to balance your chakras. Some good stones for balancing your throat chakra are:

    • Aquamarine for encouraging truthfulness in all communications
    • Blue Quartz for its ability to help your truth and wisdom shine
    • Sapphire for paving the way to clear and honest communication

Energy healing such as Reiki or sound therapy will help you to balance an under-active or over-active throat chakra.

For just a few minutes every day, visualize a bright blue ball of light pulsating at your throat area.

Any blue, purple and red foods are helpful for balancing your throat chakra including:

Essential Oils For Your Throat Chakra

Aromatherapy blends specifically for the fifth chakra are very helpful to cleanse and balance when it’s over-active or under-active. Some excellent essential oils are Lavender, Yarrow, Eucalyptus and Chamomile.

You can diffuse them, inhale them or blend a drop of each along with a carrier oil and apply to your throat area.

Throat Chakra and Your Health,

The Scented Balance Throat Chakra Rollerball and Aromatic Mist are both created with a blend of oils to aid in balancing and opening your communication energy center.

You can use them separately but together is always better.

Apply the Throat Chakra Roller Ball to your throat and upper chest area, behind your knees and your inner wrists.

The Aromatic Mist is ideal to spray in the air or on your body when meditating, during your yoga practice or whenever you feel blocked in your communications or creativity.

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