Essential Oils for Inflammation

One of the most common questions I hear is how to use essential oils for inflammation. Unchecked inflammation causes all sorts of problems especially with your heart and kidneys. So just what is inflammation? gives a really simple explanation of inflammation: Inflammation occurs in the body when the immune system is activated. Inflammation can … Continue reading Essential Oils for Inflammation

Are You Feeling Stuck?

It seems like wintertime gets a lot of people feeling stuck in a rut. When I say feeling stuck in a rut, I mean your energy seems sluggish and there's no spring in your step. It could mean that you feel stuck emotionally and energetically or it could be congestion from a head or chest … Continue reading Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do You Have Sleep Deprivation?

Do you have sleep deprivation? I'd almost bet you are sleep deprived. We're a 24/7 world, always connected, always on, always awake. Our bodies are wired to sleep when the sun goes down and rise when the sun comes up. We have been sleep deprived since October 22, 1879. That is the day that Thomas … Continue reading Do You Have Sleep Deprivation?

Good Essential Oils for Wintertime

This week, we're taking a look at good essential oils for wintertime. They're all good but some are just better than others for those dark wintry days. As usual, it's aromatherapy to the rescue! There's several good essential oils for wintertime that help you focus, stay alert and help fight off the blues. And many … Continue reading Good Essential Oils for Wintertime