Why Aromatherapy?

essential oil uses, essential oils, complementary healthcare, holistic medicine, aromatherapists in Winston-Salem, NCWhy aromatherapy? What can aromatherapy – which is the use of pure essential oils – do for you in your daily life? How can aromatherapy enhance your well-being if you are already “just fine”?

All good questions.

What spoke to me originally about the path of aromatherapy was the amazing goodness and wisdom of nature packed into a tiny bottle. The more I studied the energetic qualities of essential oils, the more I wanted to learn. Yes, each oil has energetic as well as physical qualities.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the power of essential oils or not – aromatherapy works in amazing ways.

An aromatherapist brings far more to the table than just a bottle of essential oil. She (or he) brings training, wisdom, intuition (yes, it’s real) and knowledge. For starters, the certification process requires knowledge of how the human body works so that (s)he can manage how each oil will react to your body and unique situation.

If you knew essential oils like I do, you would understand the potent power and amazing wisdom in each bottle. Each drop of essential oil has been distilled from tons of raw plant material. As far back as 5,000 years (and longer), the wisdom and bounty of nature was used as medicine in the form of herbs, botannicals and essential oils to heal body, mind and spirit.

Complementary Healthcare

Up until the middle of the 20th century, aromatherapy was used as REAL medicine. It still is real medicine but is considered an “alternative” modality although it is once again gaining acceptance and popularity.

Aromatherapy is complementary to traditional and holistic medicine – consider it another tool in your healthcare toolkit. I don’t want you to think that aromatherapists are healers – we are not. (Your doctor isn’t a healer, either.)

The only person who can heal you is YOU. As your aromatherapist, I offer a powerful tool which helps you trigger your body’s own natural healing abilities. And isn’t that reason enough to incorporate aromatherapy into your healthcare routine?

In your daily life essential oils can enhance your mood, uplift your spirit, address pain, itching and spasms (such as cough or digestive spasms); they can soothe a troubled mood, facilitate your spirituality, help you relax and support balance in every aspect of your system. With just a drop, spray, sniff or gentle massage, aromatherapy can change a stressful day into a calm and relaxed evening.

Why Aromatherapy?

Not every life event requires a pill, a band-aid or trip to the doctor.

  • Had a stressful day at work? Why not breathe in the calming aroma of sweet orange? Why Aromatherapy
  • Have a headache? Use a blend of spike lavender and peppermint to relieve your headache.
  • Have a bug bite, scrape or minor boo boo that really doesn’t require a trip to the doctor? Try a drop or two of lavender. 
  • Emotions all over the place? Take advantage of clary sage to balance those crazy emotions.
  • Head cold or sinus congestion? How about a drop or two of tea tree and eucalyptus to help you breathe easier?
  • Down in the dumps? A deep whiff of bergamot helps to lift your spirits.

Your doctor and naturopathic physician is absolutely an integral part of your health care toolkit. You should always consult her or him about your health concerns. They have wisdom and knowledge that can help you stay healthy. The art and science of aromatherapy complements your physician’s depth of knowledge by using the wisdom and bounty of nature.

Even as a healthy individual, you can benefit from aromatherapy. Everyone has an off day, needs to boost their immune system, deals with sinus congestion, has a tummy ache – and a million other little issues that can turn an ordinary day into a trip to the emergency room. It’s the wisdom and bounty of nature through aromatherapy that turns the ordinary days into extraordinary moments.

Reiki healing sessions and aromatherapy combine to provide powerful tools in your healthcare toolkit for well-being in every area of your life.

I am grateful for the road that has taken me on my aromatherapy journey and I am blessed to have the gift of helping you be in control of your own well-being.

Reach out through this short contact form now and let’s work together today to help you experience amazing well-being.

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