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Talking About The Difficult Stuff In Life

Talking About The Difficult Stuff, difficult conversations, sexual abuse, Shaman, Emotional Healing

If you were kind enough to read my blog post from last week (thank you!) then you know I talked about some tender and harsh events from my childhood that are very difficult to talk about. I met and talked with Melody Morris a couple of weeks ago which is where I got the idea to dive right in and not shy away from my experiences.

So I asked Melody Morris to write a guest post to explain how she helps women own their muchness and helps them realize their full potential.

I’m honored this week that Melody is here to share her story.

Where Own Your Muchness Began

Melody Morris is the CEO of Total Energy Healing USA, a motivational speaker, modern day mystic and highly intuitive Shaman. She has studied multiple energy healing modalities for more than 2 decades, both from scientific and spiritual aspects.

She empowers women daily to Own Your Muchness by helping them heal from past sexual and relationship trauma and teaches them how to manifest the lives and relationships they desire and deserve.

Melody has also studied manifestation and mindset for many years and loves to share her knowledge and her intuitive messages with her clients.

Melody’s Experience With Own Your Muchness

I know many of you read Melissa’s post from last week and could feel how difficult it was for her to be so honest about her life in such a public way. Thank you for sharing such a painful memory with us. You are brave and will help many women with your story.

I was raised by parents who cared for me in ways that I can’t even fathom.  I look back on me as a child and wonder how they didn’t eat me like some wild animals do!

Despite their best efforts I grew up believing everything that happened to anyone that I cared about was my fault. I took on responsibility for everything, even things that had absolutely nothing to do with me.

I was highly sensitive to people in pain so I always imagined myself going into some kind of medicine; a doctor at first and then as I grew older I thought maybe a physical therapist. My dream was always to be some form of healer.

My negative track record with sex didn’t happen until college when at 20 years old I thought I was bullet proof and walked the wrong path across my college campus and was pinned down and raped by a baseball team member, while 2 of his buddies helped hold me.

I completely clammed up, I never told anyone. If any of my family reads this, it’ll be the first they have ever heard of it. Even then, that was my fault. I thought I deserved it somehow.

My relationship with sex and intimate relationships just continued in a downward spiral from there. I was completely void of emotion when I accepted an engagement ring and then later married a man who turned out to be just another someone who would abuse me, in a long line of abusive someone’s.

One relationship after another I would stay and put up with all kinds of bullshit from all sides, until it became too much for me and then I would run, usually right into another bad relationship.

It had been a long road and by this point I was so very tired. Moving to North Carolina was the change that really began my journey into embracing me and owning my own muchness.

From One Bad Relationship To Another

Shortly after moving here I was introduced to shamanic healing. I already had an established meditation practice, I could astral project and effect my own and others energy, so I was no stranger to the more spiritual, less religious path.

It has been, at times, a challenge for me to explain to people what I do and how I got here to this place of Owning My Muchness.

I was like a dirty pond, with my Muchness at the bottom waiting to be released from layer after layer of shit I had piled on top of it beginning with blaming myself as a child and continuing right up until that point.

When you’re clearing a pond, you skim off everything on the surface and then wait for the next layer of junk to rise, so you can skim it off, leaving room for the next layer to rise, over and over until you clear the water. Believe in Yourself, Self Doubt, Self Confidence, Fear, healing from sexual trauma

My layers of pond scum were covering up some awesomeness that I am still in awe of some days.

We each have our own pond and at the bottom under nasty icky layers of pond scum, our Muchness waits to be uncovered.

This is what I do. I teach others how to skim off the pond scum and clear the water so your individual and awesomely unique YOU can show up and shine.

In everything we experience, there is a lesson to learn about ourselves. For example, a limiting belief that we can change will bring us closer and closer to being exactly who we are at our core, where our true power comes from.

All of the masks we wear, the self-worth issues, the blame issues, the addictions, etc., none of those things are us. These are techniques we use to make us feel more palatable to ourselves or to others.

We each have our own pond. It’s up to you whether you are ready to clean it up or not. If you are, I’m here to help.

I’ve done it myself so I have some insight that just might help you through your scum-skimming exercises.

Own Your Muchness. It’s there at the bottom of the pond waiting for you to let it shine!

How To Connect With Melody

If it’s time for you to Own Your Muchness and you’re ready to begin healing, here are the best ways to connect with Melody:


Facebook group

I’m so grateful that Melody and I have met and so appreciate our conversations. What this all boils down to is that I’m not the only one these experiences have happened to. If I can shed some light on such a tender subject and help another woman heal, then, as an aromatherapist, I believe I’m serving you in the best way possible. 

Emotional healing can happen. Aromatherapy helps this process. Please let me know how I can help. Please contact Melody at her links listed above, or fill out this contact form and let’s get started on the healing journey today.



Own Your Muchness

Own Your Muchness, Sexual Abuse

Own Your Muchness – isn’t that a powerful statement? I met the powerful woman behind that statement recently at a weekly meeting I attend and I was so inspired! As a matter of fact, I’m so inspired that I asked her permission to write about it in this week’s post.

What Does It Mean Own Your Muchness?

Melody Morris is the amazing talent behind Total Energy Healing USA and her mission is to empower women especially those who have experienced sexual trauma. It’s especially tender to me as I experienced trauma of this nature as a child. 

It’s critical to your quality of life for you to find the best way to heal this trauma and for me, it’s been a very long journey.

What I really want to share with you today is a little bit about Melody’s message of owning your muchness.

Melody is a shaman and energy healer (and holistic life coach) and she’s agreed to be a guest on my Scented Balance blog in the next few weeks to talk about what she does, why she does it and how it can benefit you. (I’m really excited about this!)

When I asked Melody to explain “own your muchness”, she said it’s about owning your power, understanding who you really are and and embracing the real you – not the you that everyone else wants you to be.

It’s all about owning your passions, embracing your quirks, accepting your life experiences and being good with how it makes you a beautifully unique human being. 

Remember the advertisement “Love the skin you’re in”? It goes right along with owning your muchness; accepting yourself as a human being, not apologizing for taking up space on the planet and NEVER apologizing for living your life on YOUR terms.

Since Melody and I were talking one on one, I personally understood her message to me to appreciate all my quirks, my desires, my heart, my soul, my very uniqueness – all the traits that make me ME.

Why Does It Matter?

Yes, right now I’m struggling to share with you why all this matters. If I’m struggling to make sense of parts of my life, I know I’m not the only one.

I was raised by a very controlling mother who never taught me about self worth; only that I should be ashamed of who I was/am. Between her and the patriarchal religion that taught me I’m nothing but a worthless piece of shit, you can hopefully understand why I’ve struggled to come to terms with my childhood, the person I truly am and why I’m sharing this rawness with you.

The message I got pounded into my head is that I didn’t have any business taking up space on the planet. I wasn’t allowed to learn how to make decisions, good or bad. They were made for me because I wasn’t good enough to make them on my own.

Then there’s the sexual abuse. I was molested at the tender age of 8. When I told my mother (at 16) that I couldn’t take any more, I was blamed for it – as a child. To my face. (Of course it’s my fault – it couldn’t be his!)

I spent a lot of years feeling depressed, ashamed and uncomfortable in my own skin. I experienced some really bad relationships because I didn’t have the courage to own my muchness.  knowing who you are, speaking my truth, aromatherapy for trauma

So, it matters that I own my muchness because I’m done apologizing for being a sensitive person, finished with apologizing because I stepped out of the box I was put in and done feeling ashamed for speaking my truth.

I’ve come to terms with the compassionate, sensitive, quirky human that I am. When you show up every day as who you really are, the right people come into your life. And the wrong people fade away.

That’s where the real magic is.

My conversation with Melody really resonated with me – actually I felt like I had an aha moment. There’s real power in appreciating the traits that make you a unique soul in a population of billions. When you own that power, you live a happier, more genuine and fulfilled life.

Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Why I Do What I Do

My mission – my passion – is to help women understand their inner beauty in a society that only values outer beauty. I believe it’s why it’s important to share aromatherapy, why it’s my special gift and why I’m so good at it. Aromatherapy offers a wonderful tool for your daily life and for healing from life’s traumas.

And we all experience traumas in life.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share a painful part of my life. I can’t wait for you to meet Melody Morris! In the meantime, here’s a link to her website: Total Energy Healing.

Thank you for being a part of my life – however messy it is. Be who you are and OWN YOUR MUCHNESS!