Why Essential Oils Matter

This week, Scented Balance Aromatherapy celebrates 8 years in business. Yay! I haven't been a certified aromatherapist quite that long (6 years now), but the journey has been amazing because I know deep down why essential oils matter. You see, for a number of years, I had no health insurance and couldn't afford to have … Continue reading Why Essential Oils Matter

Why Are You So Hesitant About Aromatherapy?

Why are you so hesitant about aromatherapy? Do you think it doesn't work or it's not for you? Would you rather use chemicals than try something that comes out of the earth? Questions, questions, questions. Yes I know. Oh - there's one more question. Did you know that your modern medicine began from the plant-based … Continue reading Why Are You So Hesitant About Aromatherapy?

Balance Your Emotions With Aromatherapy

Like nearly everyone, I've had my emotional ups and downs at different points in my life. Sometimes, life-altering events blindside you and next thing you know, you're a mess. Okay - at least I am. When that happens, you can easily support and balance your emotions with aromatherapy. Pure essential oils are ideal for balancing … Continue reading Balance Your Emotions With Aromatherapy

Best Essential Oils For Nausea

Finally, someone in the allopathic medical community understands the benefits of essential oils for nausea. Of course, it's three cheers for all of you nurses who know the power of aromatherapy! You're awesome and you know as well as I do, nurses keep the doctors from killing you. (I say that only half jokingly.) Natural … Continue reading Best Essential Oils For Nausea

Change Is In The Air!

Change is in the air and that's a good thing! I'm excited about the direction my business is taking and I'm here to share the good news with you. As of January 1, 2017, Pixie Garden and Gifts will officially become Scented Balance, Inc. I am proud to announce these changes as Scented Balance reflects the combination … Continue reading Change Is In The Air!