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Another Day – Another Adventure

Another Day - Another Adventure, leap of faith, adventure, aromatherapy in Kernersville, Ramey Dawn Wellness Group

Don’t you love the saying “Another Day – Another Adventure”? It just sounds like so much fun!

Well, I can’t stand it any longer and I just have to tell you about my new adventure!

I’ve been invited to join the Ramey Dawn Wellness Center in Kernersville, North Carolina!

Yasss – now ain’t that some awesome news?

What does that mean for you?

For you, it means Scented Balance is more centrally located in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. It means that I’m practicing aromatherapy in a wellness center with an awesome group of holistic practitioners.

And…it means I’m taking a huge leap of faith and taking Scented Balance to the next level. This is for reals y’all.

I’ve been putting it out to the universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) about taking Scented Balance to the next level. A central location is important as I want as many people as possible to comfortably feel like I’m within reach when they need me.

Through Scented Balance, you know (I hope) that I have products to help you find your happy, soothe your raw emotions, manage your pain, and take on the world – and win. That’s what I do. I also know my studio wasn’t in the most convenient location for you.

Over the last few months, I’ve looked at different spaces for convenience.


The rent in some of these spaces is out of reach. And that out-of-reach rent would have placed a whole lot of STRESS on me. And I simply can’t justify it.

Out of the BLUE – I got a contact from the absolutely amazing Pattie of Ramey Dawn Wellness Group – just like that – who knew?

Ramey Dawn Wellness Group is full of holistic practitioners who help you live your best life – and now it includes me. You’ll find an esthetician, skin care specialist, health and life coach, acupuncturist, reflexologist, massage therapist, personal trainer, pain management and weight management specialist AND an aromatherapist – Scented Balance – all under one roof.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled about this next chapter for Scented Balance and for ME personally.

For now, I’ll keep doing the fairs, festivals and other events as I’ve committed to them through the end of 2019. After that, I do appreciate getting out and meeting folks, so I’ll continue attending a few select events just so I can shake your hand (or hug your neck).

I’ll post my hours on my Facebook page in the next couple of weeks and I plan on hosting a Grand Opening this summer, but I wanted you to share in my good news now!

I hope to see you very soon!




Uninsured – Part 8 – The Key To Your Overall Wellbeing

no insurance, traditional chinese medicine, uninsured, affordable health care without insurance, no health insurance, alternative healthcare, Your overall wellbeing is incredibly important especially when you are uninsured. This week, I wrap up the Uninsured series.

If you would like to start at the beginning, here is the first installment. Last week, I touched on digestive issues and how aromatherapy and holistic life coaching can help.

As I write this post (August, 2017), healthcare – as we know it – is still accessible for most of us. That doesn’t mean it will be safe forever as the healthcare landscape is drastically changing.

Hospitals, insurance companies and big pharma (also known as the medical mafia) control how – and who – gets access to healthcare. I’m reading about rumors that hospitals are trying to create their own form of health insurance to compete with the insurance companies. Maybe this is a good thing and maybe not.

Do you realize that healthcare is the only industry where you don’t know the cost of your care until AFTER you’ve used it? Insurance companies and hospitals keep us in the dark about the price of tests and procedures which drives up the cost in the long run. It’s a proven fact that competition drives prices down and healthcare leaders jealously guard their true cost information – on purpose.

Imagine if your mechanic kept you in the dark about the price of your car repairs until after they were done. Think what would happen if you went to the grocery store and bought your weekly food supply without knowing any price until you got to the register. What would happen if you didn’t know your hourly wage until after you worked your 40 hours?

So why do we allow hospitals and doctors to keep us in the dark? WHY?

Because “they” make money by keeping us in the dark.

The state of healthcare frustrates and angers me because it’s skewed toward the wealthiest and healthiest. I’m blessed to be very healthy but that doesn’t mean I will always remain that way. I work hard to take care of my body, mind and spirit but I know it won’t last forever.

Pharmaceutical companies have proven time and time again that they are putting their profits ahead of our wellness. Now, before you get mad and say that of course they have to make money to stay in business – I completely get that! Remember – I’m a small business owner myself.

Big pharma has infiltrated the medical schools to the point that they will not allow any natural remedies to be taught or used. Allopathic physicians cannot recommend anything that is not approved by the FDA. What does that mean for you? It means that they can only recommend expensive drugs that damage your liver and create side effects – and of course you have to take another pill to counteract the side effects of the first pill. They make money only when you’re ill.

It also means that physicians cannot legally recommend any natural treatment because it will help you get better. A healthy population doesn’t make money for the healthcare industry.

Where does it end? Since when did we become so blindly dependent on television commercials to diagnose and treat our maladies? When did we stop listening to our bodies and depend solely on the opinion of a white coat that we see for 15 minutes once a year?

Have we taken leave of our senses? No. We’ve become incredibly lazy.

We want a “magic pill” to reverse a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices. We don’t want to exercise, cook real food, stop watching television or staring into our phones because there’s no motivation when we can just take a pill to “fix it”.

Where Did All The Pills Come From?

Herbs, botanicals and essential oils (aromatherapy) were the healthy forerunner of your current toxic pills. Up until the mid-20th century, we relied on the bounty of nature to help us stay healthy. Don’t believe me? Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have relied on nature for their healthcare for thousands of years. Here are the basic beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

The ancient beliefs on which TCM is based include the following:

  • The human body is a miniature version of the larger, surrounding universe.
  • Harmony between two opposing yet complementary forces, called yin and yang, supports health, and disease results from an imbalance between these forces.
  • Five elements—fire, earth, wood, metal, and water—symbolically represent all phenomena, including the stages of human life, and explain the functioning of the body and how it changes during disease.
  • Qi, a vital energy that flows through the body, performs multiple functions in maintaining health.

There is a time and a place for Western medicine and pharmaceuticals. There is a time and a place for natural homeopathic healthcare. And, there is room for both. 

Yes, this is an angry and frustrated post. What I hope to do is take that anger and frustration and turn it into something good. That’s what I want to do through Scented Balance. I want to educate you on alternative and complementary forms of healthcare that could keep you healthier in the long run if you have no health insurance.

What I hope I have accomplished over the last eight weeks is to give you honest information on available alternatives that you can use to take charge of your own health without relying strictly on Western medicine – especially if you have no affordable insurance. I hope I have given you an understanding of viable alternatives for affordable health care without insurance.

In the future, I have lined up a number of wellness practitioners who want to talk to you about their particular modality. Complementary and alternative healthcare practitioners of

  • chiropractic
  • acupuncture
  • acupressure
  • therapeutic massage
  • reflexology
  • health coaching
  • homeopathy
  • functional medicine
  • integrative medicine
  • reiki healing

We’ve already talked about how aromatherapy and holistic life coaching can address so many issues you face. Please take advantage of my aromatherapy and holistic life coaching skills to address your concerns. Remember – it’s all connected – body, mind and spirit.

The very bottom line of healthcare is YOU. You hold the key to your own healing and wellness. Only YOU can take charge of your overall wellbeing.

Fill out this short contact form and let’s get started today!



Uninsured – Part 4 – Chronic Pain

If your body is screaming in pain, whether the pain is muscular contractions, anxiety, depression, asthma or arthritis, a first step in releasing the pain may be making the connection between your body pain and the cause. “Beliefs are physical. A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief. The belief then becomes biology.”

Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America By Day: Lessons Learned From Ultimate Betrayals And Unconditional Love  

Uninsured, chronic pain, depression and chronic pain, natural pain relief, pain managementThe prospect of being uninsured is a hot and controversial topic these days. Today, in Part 4 of my continuing series of alternative and complementary forms of healthcare, let’s talk about chronic pain.

Last week in Part 3, we talked about the physical and emotional toll of eczema and psoriasis and about alternatives to address your physical symptoms without using steroids.

Lately, we hear quite a bit in the news about the dangerous opioid addiction epidemic in America. We’re a nation in constant, chronic pain but why? What is causing this historical level of chronic pain? No one seems to have a definitive answer.

In November, 2016, the Harvard School of Public Health held a panel discussion about chronic pain and made some very interesting observations. You can watch it or read it here.

One of the participants in the panel, Cindy Steinberg, said this about her experience with chronic pain due to an accident:

And then, of course, there is the relentless physical experience, which may be burning, stabbing, gnawing, knifing, and other unpleasant sensations. I equate it to feeling like you’re a prisoner trapped in your body. But it’s worse than that. You are a prisoner who is being tortured 24/7. And there’s no means of escape.

It’s hard to read, isn’t it?

In this article, Healthline News reports a crackdown on prescribing opioids as doctors and scientists are seeing first-hand the destruction they cause. But if you can’t get the medication needed to ease your chronic pain, then what?

Allow me to offer a simplistic opinion about the cause of our chronic pain epidemic – and it’s strictly my opinion. If you think back 50 or 100 years, chronic pain really wasn’t all that prevalent. Yes, I know – we didn’t have 24 hour news on cable TV to talk about it nor did we sit at a computer for 10 hours a day. Here’s one issue I see: I really don’t think people pay attention to the kinds of food they eat. In modern day living, we eat most of our meals from a box, can or fast food restaurant because we have schedules – and lives – that are so insanely busy that we don’t take time to find and cook real clean, unsprayed food.

Wonder how much the epidemic of chronic pain has to do with all the chemicals and sitting for 10 hours a day? What about the chemicals in our food? What about GMO food? What about all the chemicals we spray to kill weeds to make our lawns look magazine-perfect? Most fresh food is sprayed with chemicals to ward off pests and increase production. Is it really healthy? Really?

Food for thought. (Pun intended.)

Chronic Pain and Aromatherapy

One of my case studies in aromatherapy school looked at chronic pain to learn how – or if – therapeutic-grade essential oils could make a difference. My client has severe nerve damage in both of her hands. They hurt, swell easily and are inflamed. After several surgeries on both hands, she still doesn’t have a definitive answer to the question: what’s causing this? I asked her to give a number to her chronic pain based on a scale of 1 to 10. She said – without missing a beat – 10.

Fibromyalgia is basically chronic pain from aching muscles, tender trigger points and debilitating fatigue. Constantly. Always. Every day. It affects every single corner of your life from your mental/emotional wellbeing to your relationships to your level of activity.

Those who live with fibromyalgia tend to have digestive concerns, restless leg syndrome, brain fog and trouble sleeping. You can imagine that poor sleep breeds fatigue and brain fog which could breed heightened pain sensitivity. Then, there’s the resentment – your own and that of those around you. People can’t see pain like they can see a bandage, a cast or crutches. Yes, we live in a harshly judgmental world and sadly, this becomes part of life with chronic pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis falls into the category of chronic pain as well. For those of you who live with this, you know what happens when the weather cools down and the humidity is low. You hurt.

Then, there is the issue of depression and chronic pain which doesn’t surprise me at all.

I cannot begin to fathom this level of pain. Honestly, when I hear something like this, I just want to wrap my arms around you.

How Can Aromatherapy and Holistic Life Coaching Make a Difference?

If you are just beginning your journey with chronic pain of any sort, I believe it’s worth it to investigate complementary modes of health care. Even if you have lived with chronic pain for a very long time, it’s absolutely worth looking into acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, therapeutic massage and other modes that I’m probably not even aware of.

As a certified aromatherapist and holistic life coach, I have simple and effective tools to address the pain, frustration and fatigue of chronic pain. I cannot heal, cure, fix or change your situation – only you can do that.

With the proper tools, the human body has the amazing ability to heal itself. One of the aromatherapy tools I created for pain is Flexatoid. It is a lotion full of essential oils with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is meant for issues such as arthritis.

The other tool is PainGenix, a balm that is useful for chronic pain especially when used in conjunction with the PainGenix Nasal Inhaler. Both of these products also contain essential oils which address the accompanying depression and anxiety.

My case study client used the PainGenix balm and nasal inhaler together. She said that it reduced her pain level from a 10 to approximately 7 1/2 which she said was a major accomplishment. The combination allowed her to “cope with the daily stress” of her pain and helped her to relax just a little bit.

Since these products contain no chemicals, there’s no horrible side effects and your liver will be much happier. Plant-based products are far gentler on your liver which filters everything you put on or in your body.

From a holistic life coaching perspective – yes, I’m going to ask you questions about your chronic pain!

  • Can you think of a time when you didn’t have the chronic pain?
  • Do you have any idea of what triggered it (accident, trauma, etc.)?
  • Were you raised to feel guilty about taking up space on the planet?
  • Do you have trouble asking for help?
  • Do you have trouble receiving help?
  • Are you highly critical of yourself? Why?

I won’t ask questions in a rapid-fire method, but in the course of holistic life coaching sessions, I do ask questions to make you think. This is the beauty of combining aromatherapy and holistic life coaching. They offer amazing tools for you to get unstuck in every area of your life and feel good about doing it.

Alternative and Complementary Healthcare Options

The whole point of my series on complementary and alternative therapies is to give you options. Options are good. Healthcare as we know it may very well go away or, at the very least, become financially out of reach for most of us. The more therapies you know about and can use, the better off you are.

Where do you see yourself with chronic pain today? I would love to talk with you and see how I can help. Please take a moment to fill out the contact form and let’s get started today.



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