True Beauty – The Beautiful You Manifesto

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I was given this invaluable manifesto about true beauty by my kind and compassionate yoga teacher – Tressa of Lovingkindness Reiki and Yoga. Self acceptance and self care are critically important to a balanced and fulfilling life. Being loyal to who you really are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

This stunning declaration was written by a wise woman who understands and dearly values the unique qualities and inner beauty that each of us possesses.

Please take a moment to read The Beautiful You Manifesto written by Rosie Molinary and let it speak to your heart. You can find out more about this beautiful soul at

Read this every single day and know this was written for you.


the beautiful you manifesto

you are here on purpose.

you have a unique gift to give this world – one that it desperately needs for its’ own healing – and it has nothing to do with how your body looks.

follow your passion. it’s a through-line to your purpose.

practice radical self-acceptance.

you are already worthy. you are always enough.

embrace your total wellness – your body, soul and mind guide you through this life.

you must take care of you. you teach other people how to treat you.

never forget that you have the right and responsibility to quit anything that hurts you.

embrace wholeheartedness. if you are in, revel in it. if you are not, let it go; it was not meant for you.

realize your uniqueness is a celebration. there is no less interesting conversation than one rooted in body shame.

everything is practice. if there is no perfect, there can be no imperfect.

we are each meant for our own unique expression. you can do anything.

you do not have to do everything.

never forget you are loved + that this world needs you.

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