Poo-Quet Toilet Spray


The #1 Spray Before You Go #2

Life sometimes just smells bad – especially when you go poop and, well, it stinks. There is really no need to let everyone around you know when you’re going “No. 2” in the bathroom – ooh – especially at work! Odor problem solved with Poo-Quet Toilet Spray!

Simply shake Poo-Quet Toilet Spray and spritz 4 or 5 times directly into the toilet bowl before you go “No. 2” – that’s all you do.

Pooquet Toilet Spray traps the odors in the bowl before they ever get to nose. Instead of “that odor”, you’ll notice a fresh, clean scent.

Don’t worry about embarrassing odors when nature calls. Poo-Quet Toilet Spray is great for powder rooms that are just off the kitchen (why is there a bathroom next to the kitchen?); when you have company and for a novel host/hostess gift.

Poo-Quet Toilet Spray is the #1 Spray before you #2!

4 ounce Blue PET Plastic Recyclable Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer

Ingredients: Distilled Water, FDA-approved Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin, proprietary blend of essential oils.

Weight8 oz
Dimensions2.125 × .5 × 6 in
Poo-Quet Toilet Spray

Lavender Spearmint = $9.99, Lively Citrus = $9.99


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