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MagnesiCalm Magnesium Body Butter


Calm Those Restless Legs

Do you have restless legs at night when you’re trying to sleep? Nature knows how to help you relax and get better sleep with MagnesiCalm Magnesium Body Butter!

Made with pure butters, magnesium and Lavender essential oil, rub MagnesiCalm on your legs before you go to bed. It’s calming, silky smooth and absorbs quickly.

The added benefit? Applying MagnesiCalm directly to your skin means your body will absorb all of the magnesium quickly instead of being digested (and possibly not absorbed at all!). You’ll absorb it quickly in your system instead of waiting for it to digest.

Excellent for chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

See for yourself – get MagnesiCalm today!

4 ounce recyclable plastic jar

Ingredients: Organic Refined Mango Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Authentic Zechstein Sea Magnesium Oil, Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Fore external use only.


Weight4 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 in


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