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I’m Happy With Everything I’ve Purchased

Melissa is one of the nicest, honest people I’ve met. I met her at a function at the Triad Market where vendors came in to sell their products, in April a couple of years ago. I loved her “natural” approach to problems such as anxiety, skin problems (eczema, etc.), headaches, sinus issues, and allergies, etc.

I’ve been to several of her events since and made purchases but really appreciate her website where all of her products are explained as to what they will help and the ingredients. Her customer service is impeccable and so are the products she sells.

She is continually furthering her education in aromatherapy and natural wellness products. Even her posts about how to better cope with life’s challenges, are calming to the soul. They make you slow down and think about what is really important in life and to quote the old saying “stop and smell the roses”. I’m really proud of how she is constantly broadening her horizons to better help and inform her clients of the latest and greatest natural alternatives using essential oils.

I use her rollerballs for anxiety, her inhalers for sinus/allergies, her soap, her linen sprays, Sleepytime Lotion you rub into your chest and neck to help you sleep, PsoMaxx for eczema, ChestEZ, her Nakedly body butters, and her Skeeter Off mosquito repellent and am happy with everything I’ve purchased. She aims to please which is rare in todays society. Give her a try and I’m sure you’ll be very pleased.

Donna T., Greensboro, NC