Rose Quartz Heart Necklace


Bring More Love Into Your Life

The perfect gift for the one you love – a Rose Quartz Heart Necklace!

Rose quartz is a sturdy pale pink gemstone that represents unconditional love, trust and overall joy making it the perfect gift to give someone you care about. It can also be worn to promote self love and forgiveness, friendship, insight and feelings of peace.

It’s also ideal for balancing your fourth chakra. Looking for essential oils to balance your heart chakra? The Heart Chakra Synergy Blend Rollerball is the perfect complement.

This beautiful necklace comes with a delicate .925 silver 24″ chain and the Rose Quartz heart is approximately 3/4″ wide. You’ll love its beauty and handmade quality.

Makes a treasured gift for yourself and your friends for years to come! A lovely way to bring more love and joy into your life.


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