Car Vent Essential Oil Diffuser


make life smell better in your car

It’s a wonderful feeling to get into your car when it smells so good. Make your vehicle smell awesome with stainless steel Car Vent Essential Oil Diffusers!

Measuring 1 1/4″ in diameter, they’re made of stainless steel with a mighty magnet closure. The clip slides easily into your dashboard vent to fill your vehicle with the scent of your favorite essential oils!

Each car vent essential oil diffuser comes with 5 replacement pads – enjoy your favorite scent whenever you’re driving. To use, open the locket and apply 4 or 5 drops to the felt pad. Slide into your dashboard vent (or even sit it on your desk at work!) to fill your space with a scent that makes you feel good!

Use your favorite essential oils or synergy blends to boost your alertness while driving, calm down after long day at work, or naturally clean and remove any odors in your vehicle.

Seven styles available: Beach, Celtic, Dragonfly, Heart, Stars, Swirl, Tree of Life. Get yours today!

Weight6 oz
Dimensions1.25 in
Car Vent Diffuser

Beach – $12.99, Celtic Symbol – $12.99, Dragonfly – $12.99, Heart – $12.99, Stars – $12.99, Swirl – $12.99, Tree of Life – $12.99


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